Friday, December 19, 2014

Daegu Travel through Urban Railway Episode 14_Daegu Line 3 Monorail nearby the Paldal Market Station ~ Sinnam Station

The section we will be introducing today is from Paldal Market Station to Sinnam Sataion of Daegu Line 3 Monorail~
Perhaps this would be the section with most number of tourists. 

Previewed Daegu Urban Railway line 3, let’s check out placed to visit around it!

1. Wondae Station _ Chimsan Park

The tourist attraction near Wondae Station you can visit is Chimsan Park. 

Though this is the largest park at Buk-gu, Daegu but it isn’t as famous as other parks that it seems secluded. 
It is connected with O-bong Mountain that it is recommended to those who likes hiking.

2. Buk-gu Office Station _ Daegu Citizen’s stadium, Daegu Opera House

The places you can visit from Buk-gu Office are Daegu Citizen’s Stadium and Daegu Opera House. 

The Daegu Citizen’s Stadium which is a main stadium of Samsung Lions, one of the professional baseball team of Korea, is filled with spectators who visit all around the nation during baseball season. 

The Daegu Opera House where International Opera Festival is held every year is known as a place where you can watch elegant performances.

3. Dalseong Park Station _ Daegu Art Factory, Automobile Alley

From Dalseong Park Station, it is easy to visit Daegu Art Factory and Automobile Alley. 

The Daegu Art Factory was constructed in 2008 by remodeling annex storage of tobacco factory and it is now known as the art creative space representing Daegu with numerous exhibitions and festivals. 

The Automobile Alley is the only place in Korea where street motor show is held. 

The vivid motor show is the distinct feature of the alley where many automobile tuning and repair shops are located at. 

4. Seomun Market Station _ Seomun Market
The last station we will be introducing today is the Seomun Market Station.
The Seomun market is the largest market in the city of Daegu and it is a must visit travelling course where people travelling to Daegu visits because there are a lot of foods to eat like Seed Hotteok(Sugar-filled Korean Pancake), Kaljebi(Noodle Soup and Handpulled Dough Soup), 1-meter pizza, etc. 
You can also taste the flat dumpling and seasoned fish cakes which are the foods of Daegu. 

This is for today’s Daegu Tour through Urban Railway.
From Paldal Market Station to Sinnam Station with many tourist attractions! We look forward to your love once the Daegu urban railway line 3 is open. 

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