Sunday, December 28, 2014

Daegu Travel course / Recommended Travel courses for Rail-Ro tourists Overnight in the downtown

The best means of transportation to travel corners to corners of Korea is train.
Especially during summer (June, July, August) and winter (December, January, February), discounted train ticket called Rail-Ro ticket is at sale for the travellers of 26 years old in international age. It is available for foreigners as well.

So today, we introduce to you the recommended overnight travel course in Daegu downtown.

■ First day : Arrival at Dong Daegu Station   [Tour] Bangchoen Market Place, Kim Kwang -soek path ways   [Evening] Tuppul(good quality beef)  [lodging] The Han Ok and Spa

The first travel course is a street that commemorates ‘Kim, Kwang-soek,’ who died in his early age, through drawing and painting his images.

Also, Just beside the Kim Kwang-soek street, lies Bangchoen Market Place wherethick tasty grilled beef steaks available at the famous Daegu restaurant,‘Tuppul.’ 

For a lodging place, visit ‘Gong Gam(Empathy) Guest House,’which is a traditional Korean-style house.
It avails a 1-person 10,000-Won (6 heads dormitory standard) discount program for Rail-Ro tourists.

Spend awonderful night in the guest house full of Korean ways of beautiful traditions and cultures.

■ Second day : [Tour] Soemun Market Place → [Snack] SsiatHotteok(Korean pancake stuffed with sweetened seeds), Seasoned Fish Cake, Nap-jak Man-du(flat dumplings)   [Tour] Daegu GeundaeAlley 2nd Course   [Tour] Dongseong Ro  [Late Lunch] YakiUdon   [Snack] Coffee Myoeng Ga, BanwoldangGoroke
Try to start your Second day visiting Soemun Market Place.

It is the biggest market place located in the downtown of Daegu, where Nap-jak Man-du, SsiatHotteokand more snacks can be tasted.
If you finished looking around the market, tour around the Daegu GeundaeAlleyways 2-course.

Starting from CheongnaHills until Yak-ryeongcityextends GeundaeAlley 2-course is one of the 100 selected Korea’s tour spots with various eye-catching attractions.
Now, why don’t we move to Daegu’s next hot place, Dongseong Ro?
This is just the right place to enjoy shopping.
Daegu’s three delicacies can be tasted in Dongseong Ro.

These are Fried Udon, strawberry cake flavored in layers of strawberries and Ban-wol(half moon) Goroke, which were selected as the taste of Daegu top 10.

All these three are the must-taste delicacies of Daegu.
This winter, come to Daegu for Rail-Ro Tour.

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Unknown said...

For the records, Kim Kwang-seok was a South Korean folk rock singer. He has beloved by many Koreans since he died because his songs and voice touch people's hearts. :)