Monday, December 29, 2014

Daegu Travel Course / Let’s get healed at Palgong Mountain! Daegu’s Premium Travel Course #3

Four season of Korea is famous, right?
Among the seasons, the autumn is considered as the season good for travel because of its clear sky, right temperature, and wind. 

We will introduce Daegu’s Premium Travel Course #3 which you can enjoy the autumn of Daegu. 

Daegu Autumn Travel Course _ Overnight travel course to Palgong Mountain

■ Dansanji

Dansanji is the reservoir created as the water flowing down from Palgong Mountain is ponded. 
During autumn, the place is always filled with people taking a walk. 
A beautiful road filled with autumn leaves connecting from Dansanji to Palgongsan makes walking more enjoyable. 
There also are spaces you can enjoy sports like foot volleyball court, badminton court, etc.

■ Bullo-dong Gobun-gun
A tourist attraction located at the back of Bullo Traditional Market! It is Bullo-dong Gobun-gun.
This very old historical site is the tomb at the period of Three Kingdom of Korea. 
Here, you can also see a beautiful sunset that it is also loved as a place to view the sunset. 

■ Sangol Transport Cafe (Old: GatbawiSundubu)
Joys of eating cannot be omitted during travel. 
Sangol Transport Cafe located at Baegam three-way intersection of Palgong Mountain is a pine soft tofu specialty house opened for 30 years. 
You can taste more delicious soft tofu stew with deep natural pine scent. 

■ Palgong Mountain Cable Car
Palgong Mountain cable car reaches the top of Shinlim peak that’s 820m above sea level in 7 minutes.

When you reach the top of Shinlim peak, you can view a magnificent view of east peak and west peak that looks like a phoenix, with highest peak, Biro peak at the center. 
At the top is Blue Mountain where you can have snacks and beverages that you can get to taste Welsh-onion pancake and rice wine, the foods representing Korea. 

■ Palgong Mountain Donghwa Temple
Next destination is Palgong Mountain Donghwa Temple where autumn leaves are beautiful.
As the temple constructed at the time of King Yeongjo of Joseon Dynasty, it has a long history. 

There also is the world’s largest statue of Buddha, Tongillyaksayeoraedaebul (contains the wish for unity of nation). 

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