Monday, December 8, 2014

Daegu Exhibition/ Design products with unique characteristics_ Design Weekin Daegu 2014

Product which could develop my individuality and express my emotion~ 
I don’t think there is anyone who will hate this.

And there is a prerequisite for these products! It’sdesign!

Design Weekin Daegu 2014 emphasizing the importance of design was held in the last weekend of November. Come with me!
 Performance with Korean traditional large drum started the exhibition

Theme of Design Week in Daegu is Happiness for Everyone by Design. .
It filled with different designs related to the keywords like creation·safety·recycle.

Product with tree-like design is a printer
At the bottom of the tree, there is the pad and at the top is the printer. 

If you insert any writing or drawing at the pad, the printed paper from the printer at the top of the tree falls like an autumn leaf.

There also was the kind design which helped our daily lives in the exhibition.

There were 'Hey!’ security light of Busan police and public design product installed at the Mapo Bridge which reduces suicide rate.
What caught attention of the people during the Design Week in Daegu was the Design market.
There is a booth which draws caricature on the cup by ceramic pen. Also, you could buy different products like design bag, mustache mug cup, notebook, and other products which were made in small workshop.

You could also listen to the lecture of Kim Tae-Hun who is known as a famous Pop Columnist during the Design Concert at the innermost area.

At the Job Fair Booth, amateur designers could acquire information about the design corporate.

Design Week in Daegu 2014 is a place where you could see different designs by Korean designers. 

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