Monday, December 22, 2014

Daegu coordinate with Seoul for Tourism! _Daegu-Seoul Tourism Friendly Exchange Agreement

Daegu is gradually developing as a tourist city!
Daegu coordinates with Seoul to become a better tourist city. 

Daegu entered a mutual tourism vitalization agreement with Seoul. 

Shall we take a look into the site of the agreement ceremony held at Seoul City Hall last December 12? 
Daegu city mayor and Seoul city mayor are shaking hands.
It is really nice to see them shaking hands. 

They also took a commemoration picture with all personnel related to the agreement. 

This agreement is to make the foreign tourists entering Seoul to visit Daegu more easily by connecting Daegu and Seoul. 

Development of Daegu-Seoul liaison souvenir, joint familiarization tour, and linking lodging facilities are the basics. 

They are planning to proceed with promotion of partner city during representative tourism festivals, exchange of works to upgrade the mutual tourism administration, and other varied agreements. 

We expect to see more foreign tourists visiting Daegu. 

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