Friday, December 26, 2014

Best 3 spots of Daegu to visit during Winter_ Shin Choen Skating Link, E-World Ice Link, Herb Hills Snow Sled Link

Korea is a country with distinctive four-seasons, right?
That is why when winter comes, snowflakes fall and rivers freeze.
Because of this, there are sports that can only be enjoyed during winter!

Today, we introduce you 3 places to visit during a winter travel in Daegu.

1. Daegu Shin Choen Skating Link
Shin Choen Skating Link is a venue to enjoy skating, together with the beautiful view of Daegu landscapes.
Because of the relatively cheap price, this place is loved by many of the Daegu residents.
Despite the fact that it operate during winter season, cafeteria, private lockers, rest room and other basic facilities are all equipped.

■ Operation Hour: Weekdays_10:00am~9:00pm / Weekends and Holidays_10:00am~ 0:00pm
■ Utilization Fee: 1 Hour_1,000 Won / 1 Day_ 3,000 Won

2. 83 Tower Ice Link
There is an inside link site in Daegu E-World 83 Tower Ice Link.
No worries about the cold weather and the fierce wind, because you can play inside!
Also, 83 Tower is a good place to spend a romantic day, because it has cafeteria with a good ambience, and observatory where you can find the view of the entire Daegu area.

■ Operation Hour: Weekdays_10:00am-6:30pm / Weekends_10:00am-8:30pm
■ Utilization Fee: Regular/Free Utilization Ticket: Adult_8,000 Won/ Teens_7,500 Won/ Children_7,000 Won

3. Herb Hills Snow Sled Link
That one thing Santa rides with Rudolf! It is a sled, right?
Snow sled enjoyed on the hills full of snowflakes is one of the typical winter sports.
Herb Hills operates Daegu’s best Snow Sled Link.
You can also find a special view of the frozen valleys in this winter season.

■ Operation Hour: Weekdays_9:30am-6:00pm / Weekends_9:30am-7:00pm
■ Utilization Fee: Entrance + Sled ride Audult_12,000 Won / Children 10,000 Won

If you want to find the real winter in Korea, visit exciting winter amusements in Daegu!

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