Monday, November 24, 2014

Train trip to Daegu episode 12 Places to go near Daegu subway line 3 ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station~Goo-am Station.

We will start today’s episode!!
The places we want to introduce today is around ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station, Chilgok Station, and Goo-am station.

Construction is still going on, so it may be little wild~~~
But this is the preview of Daegu subway line 3! Come follow us to see what’s out there~

□ ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station ~ Goo-am Station

The north end of line 3, ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station!
Seori Pond is the place you can go from here.

Seori Pond is one of the places that many people come for fishing!
Unfortunately there weren’t anyone who were fishing when I went there, and it is probably because it was on a weekday. 
Autumn sunlight was reflected on Seori Pond and gave really peaceful atmosphere. I feel like it is a great fishing spot too!
If you want to go fishing, go to Seori Pond~~~
There are two places that you can visit from line 3 Chilgok station.
It doesn’t even have its nameplate yet, but this is Daegu subway line 3 Chilgok station!

The first is Bukgu Cultural Art Center.
It is a good place to enjoy cultural art year-round.
Including the different concerts and exhibitions of general cultural arts, they hold cultural education programs for local community members.
There are lot of sculptures at the entrance of Cultural Art Center, so it is also good to visit the place when there is no exhibition.

The second place is WoonamjiSoobyun Park.
They turned good-for-nothing reservoir into eco-friendly spot.
Also, WoonamjiSoonyun Park is connected to Hamji Mountain, so you can enjoy both hiking and walking in the park!!
WoonamjiSoobyun Park has really pretty walking path. If you walk along the reservoir, you will naturally feel more relaxed.
In the summer time, lotus bloom in Woonamji making it really attractive.
Also, you can see great night view if you hike up to the peak of Mount Hamji right behind Woonamji.

The last place of today is Goo-am station.
At Goo-am station, you can go to restaurants in front of ‘Health College street’
In front of Daegu Health University, there is this small but great college street!!
Usually there are lot of stores, shops, and restaurants near College campus!
From girls’ favorite coffee shops to to-go lunch box restaurant, famous sweet and sour pork restaurant, and even cup rice house!!
You can have fun touring Daegu and have nice meal in front of Daegu Health College!

That’s it! We just introduced you to the places around Daegu subway line 3 from ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station to Goo-am station~
Remind yourself that Daegu subway line 3 has lot of minor attractions!

When Daegu subway line 3 opens next May, enjoy Daegu trip riding fast and safe monorail! 

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