Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recommended Tourist Attractions of Daegu / Daegu’s Unique Museumand Art Gallery Tour Episode 1 _ Hyang Chon Cultural Center/ Daegu Modern History Museum / Museum of Daegu Bank

We have started this project series hoping that the Daegu citizens as well as the tourists visiting Daegu to get to know more about Daegu. 

We will be presenting the unique and distinctive museums and art galleries throughout Daegu for next 5 episodes. 

The eagerly-anticipated Episode 1! The first distinctive museums and art galleries Jemeotderoprepared are the newly-opened Hyang Chon Cultural Center, Daegu Modern History Museum and Museum of Daegu Bank. 

■ Hyang Chon Cultural Center

‘A space embracing history’ suits well with the Hyang Chon Cultural Center. 

Hyang Chon Cultural Center is the cultural exhibition space located at Hyang Chon-dong, Daegu. It has 2 floors. 

At the 1st floor is the old figure of Hyangchon-dong reproduced with the theme,‘Walkingaround Hyang Chon.’Old Jungang-ro, Gong-gu Alley in Bukseong-ro, Daegu Station, Gyodong Market and more are reproduced as they were. 

At the 2nd floor are the old figures of coffee shops, movie theatres, music stores, Pajeon(pancake-like Korean dish) house, etc. 

reproduced with the theme, ‘Remembering Hyang Chon’. 

This place would be more meaningful because it is said to be the birth place of Daegu pop culture.

■ Daegu Modern History Museum
Second place we will be introducing is the Daegu Modern History Museum. 
This building with Renaissance architecture has the outer appearance of Daegu branch of Joseon Siksan Bank established in 1932. 
You can view the spirit to save the country, beginning of modern Korea, modern culture, Daegu as the educational city, the cradle of modernization, etc. 
according to its order of history by section inside the exhibition hall. 
The exhibition of is ongoing as well at the project exhibition hall. 

■ Museum of Daegu Bank
The last unique museum to be introduced today is the Museum of Daegu Bank, the representative bank of Daegu. 
The Museum of Daegu Bank is where you can take a view of the footprints of Daegu Bank that developed along with the Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and it is a good place for financial education for young children. 
Especially, the reproduction of old figure of bank was impressive. 
If you visit Museum of Daegu Bank, there also are figures of bank clerks stationed along with the desk of old bank. 

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