Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recommendations of Dating Courses at Daegu / Let’s play hard! Dating course #2 for active couples

The second dating course Jemeotdero prepared is the exciting dating course for active couples. 

The weather is sunny and great! Exciting date is nice! Isn’t it? ^^

Even the singles who are staying at home and the families with young children, take a look around Daegu with the active dating course! 

■ E-World
E-World (old name: Woobang Land) is known as the amusement part representing Daegu. 

With various rides such as Vikings, Camel Back, Bumper Car, etc., it is good to enjoy thrilling moments. 

Moreover, there are an ice rink, cafe and restaurants at 83 Tower that it is perfect to have an intimate dinner. 

 Spa Valley forRest 12
Spa Valley where you can enjoy and experience forest in the midst of city is also the one of the popular dating places of Daegu. 

There are a lot of pretty forests like Love Tree Garden, Hyangginarae Garden, etc. 

If you are with your family, it is also recommended to enjoy camping for overnight at Camp Village. 

Besides, the Spa Valley transforms into a garden of beautiful lights at night with 5.5 million of LED lights. Would there be any other dating courses better than this? 

 Dongchon Recreation Area
The term, resting place of Daegu citizens suits well with Dongchon Recreation Area. 

This also is a slightly special dating course where you can ride bicycles. 

In autumn where the weather is really nice, riding a bicycle with loud music will help you relieve the stress! And will add up the fun! 

You can borrow the bicycle for free at Dongchon Station, so enjoy bicycle-riding date. 

Say no to common dating course!
Try to choose from a romantic or an active dating course which you prefer! 

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