Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Recommendations of Dating Courses at Daegu / A romantic day to spend with a lover! Dating Course #1

What are the ways to confirm friendship and love between family, lovers, and friends?

Perhaps, spending a good time together would be the best way. 

If you are worried about the dating course where you can leave a special memory, refer to this post. 
We will be introducing dating courses you can enjoy at Daegu.

■ Apsan mountain Night View
To those who want to date but available only in the evening, we recommend Apsan?mountain. 

Because of its wonderful night view of entire Daegu, you can spend more romantic day. 

But, the weather nowadays is slightly cold, so dress warmly when you visit! ^^ We also recommend buying a can of warm coffee when you climb up! ^^

■ Ring Making at Jewelry Town 

There is a place where you can have a different experience at Jung-gu, Daegu, right? It is no other than ring making at Jewelry Town. 

With an inexpensive fee that costs 10,000won per person, you get to experience making your own unique ring. 

It is a silver ring made of 92.5% silver and you can carve initials on the ring. How about making a couple ring or a friendship ring?

■ Maze Village
If you are the couple who likes to take pictures, we strongly recommend a unique mural village, the Maze Village!

It is fun to search for hidden mural paintings and because of its murals with beautiful colors, it is a beautiful place to take a picture~!

In addition, walking through narrow alleys with the lover while holding hand? Isn’t it so romantic? 

Make a precious memory with the lover at the Maze Village of Daegu~^^

■ Suseong Pond
It is the nationwide popular dating course of Daegu! Suseong Pond is a good place to have a walk with your lover and family that a lot of Daegu citizens visit from morning to night. 

There also are many cafes and restaurants with good ambience and the trail around the pond is well adorned. 

If you want to have a great date at autumn night, try enjoying the date at Suseong Pond. 

There are lights lighting up around the pond at night that Suseong Pond boasts its wonderful night view.  

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