Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Daegu festivals / Ripen fall, walk between the beautiful chrysanthemums! There is a great

festival going on in Palgong mountain, Donghwa temple, so Jemutdaero gave it a shot.
Shall we go to Palgong mountain, Donghwa temple, Sungsi chrysanthemum festival full of chrysanthemum scents?

Donghwa temple chrysanthemum festival that is held in Palgong mountain, Donghwa temple begins on the October 1st and ends on November 14th.

The entrance fee for the adults is 2,500 won, and for children is 1,000 won. There is a separate 2,000 won parking fee.

Path to the Donghwa temple is great with little fall maple.
If you walk for 10 to 15 minutes from the parking lot, you will encounter tall stairs that will lead you to Tongillyaksayeoraedaebul, which contains the wish for unity of nation! These stairs are the Donghwa temple 108 stairs.
This is the chrysanthemum festival scene!
Clouds float around the clear sky, and Tongillyaksayeoraedaebulis seated at the center of the festival!
Korea has college entrance exams every November, and there are chrysanthemum decorations to wish good luck.
There are also chrysanthemums with the names of the people who made wishes to Buddha. 
There are also a lot of chrysanthemums under the 12 zodiac animals.
Aside from the small chrysanthemums, we also saw the ones with very big buds.
On one side, there is a photo zone for commemorative photograph.
There are also different shapes of lamps made of hanji around Tongillyaksayeoraedaebul.Wouldn’t they be prettier when they light up after the sunset?

There were also lot of wishes that you can find in the temple.
Lastly, this is the view from the Tongil Daejeon.
It is a beautiful harmony of mountain ridge, Tongillyaksayeoraedaebul, and chrysanthemums.

Please remember Donghwa temple chrysanthemum festival where you can experience the atmosphere of Korea’s fall!

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