Monday, November 17, 2014

November Exhibition of Daegu / The 2014 Art Fair (Art Square) where you get to know the flow of domestic and foreign art has opened! Daegu EXCO

The Daegu Art Fair (Art Square) where you can have a look of works of galleries throughout Daegu together with friends and lovers and buy the art works had opened. 
Now, let’s go to the Daegu Art Square where you can find the works of popular domestic and foreign artists. 
The day Jemeotdero visited was the opening of Daegu Art Fair that the opening ceremony and the performance of Apple Jazz band were held. 
Following the opening ceremony, the cake cutting ceremony widely spread the opening of Daegu Art Square participated by various galleried of Daegu. 

A lot of famous galleries of Daegu participated perhaps because this year is the 7th event. 
Moreover, a youth art project, exhibition, etc. were held at this year’s Daegu Art Fair that you can enjoy the more enriching art works.
What is attractive of Daegu Art Fair is that you can have a talk while viewing the art works of various artists and purchase the work you like. 
This also is the opportunity for you to buy art books and magazines in lower price, so don’t miss it out. 

Shall we now have a look of art works?
There is an art work of Takashi Murakami, the first generation pop art artist of Otaku who become famous for reflecting the Otaku culture of Japan on the drawing. 

Isn’t a picture of smile flower very adorable? It says that he also did a collaboration work with Louis Vuitton in 2003. 
There also was the work of Shin Gwangho at the Nuovo gallery, the one of the representative galleries of Daegu. 

The impact by the oil painting is great!

You can see works of various domestic and foreign artists at Daegu Art Fair! 

It is the opportunity to understand the trend of new art of Korea and Daegu, and to appreciate the arts. 

Please visit! 

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