Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall’s Scarlet Maple Tour in Daegu / scrunch scrunch! Shall we go for a walk to in Danpoonggil of Mount Palgong? Mount PalgongDonghwa district

If you are curious about how fall scenery looks in Korea, visit Daegu Mount PalgongDonghwa district.

Maple leaves have dyed themselves very colorful this year as well. 
Mount Palgong is awesome in all four seasons, but becomes a grandeurof maples in fall.

Mount Palgong which is also famous for Gatbawi, is a big mountain that is part of 4 neighboring regions including Daegu. As much as so, it has many places with beautiful sceneries. 
There is ginkgo street great for a drive on the side of Baek-an three-way intersection after Gongsan tunnel. 

Upright ginkgo trees continue on the both sides of the street. 
The street leading to Gatbawi is filled with maple trees.
The harmony of the peak of Gatbawi and red maple trees is wonderful when seen from a far.
Maples from Mount PalgongSootaegil is as wonderful. 
Many people visit this place because it is also a good place for a drive.
You don’t even need photo zones in these places. 
Also, the vicinity is called the Donghwa district, and there are many places to rest and take a break such as Mount Palgong Hot Springs Tour Hotel, Daegu Citizen Safety Theme Park, and drive-in theater 88.

Mount Palgong maple streets are very good to walk on as well.
It is because you can really feel the beauty of the maples through well decorated sidewalks as shown in the pictures.
Mount Palgong is perfect course to drive or walk. 
Go before all maples drop.

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