Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fall season tourist attractions of Daegu/ Enjoy a wonderful date at the gorgeous Hanok village in this late fall! _ Daegu Otgol Village (Head House of Gyeongju Choi Clan)

Otgol Village, which is a great place to visit in late fall, is famous for maintaining the old landscape of Korea although it is in Daegu.

It started to gain its popularity as it was on the famous TV variety show ‘Running man.’

Otgol Village is the village of descendants of Gyeongju Choi clan and was built during the Joseon Dynasty. 
Now, let us explore the Otgol Village, the Hanok village representing Daegu.
Here is the Korean traditional Doldam-gil (Stonewall Walkway.)
The vines on the wall make the mood of autumn season even deeper.
Persimmons, the most famous fall season fruit of Korea, appetizingly bore fruits on trees.
 Some of the houses in Otgol Village are open to the tourists for viewing.
Also, there are flowers beautifully bloomed under the wall.

Lastly, there is the famous photo zone of Daegu Otgol Village, the Bibo Forest.
The landscape is so breathtaking with the sunshine.~!

In the early autumn, you can see the green, rich trees before the leaves turn red or yellow while in the late autumn, you can enjoy the rustling sound of the fallen leaves under your feet.
The benches around the place make it the best place to enjoy meditation. 

Experience the gorgeous Hanok in the attractive city Daegu in this late autumns.

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