Monday, November 24, 2014

Daegu’s unique tourist spot! / Whole new level! Daegu’s beautiful pond attractions

The attraction that we want to introduce today is ‘pond’.
Shall we take a look at Daegu’s ponds that have beautiful sunset, night view, and fountain show?

83 tower at one glance : A pond with amazing night view, Seong-dang Pond

The ambience reaches peak when beautiful night view is added to the calm pond!
It is the best place to chitchat with friends on a nice autumn night!

Seong-dang pond is also right next to Cultural Art Center, Duryu Park, and E-World, making it possible to visit other tourist spots too~ 

If you want to enjoy sunset and night view : WoonamjiSoobyun Park
WoonamjiSoobyun Park provides a great place to rest for residents in BukguGooam-dong and Dongcheon-dong.
It calms you when you visit here at sunset time. Walk path is very nicely built for a good walk.
Night view from the peak of Hamji mountain right behind Woonamji is also great.

A pond that even made appearance in ‘Dad, where are you going?’ : Suseong Pond
The night fountain of Suseong Pond is already very famous!

Night fountain show of Suseong Pond provides fun entertainment to everyone every night with great music!
Suseong Pond is also the place where Sae-yoon’s family from the TV program ‘Dad, Where are you Going?’ was riding the duck boat. 

Be mesmerized to the night view : WolgwangSoobyun Park
The last that we will talk about is WolgwangSoobyun Park located in Dalseo-gu, Daegu City.
It is also famous for a night fountain just like Suseong Pond!
And because it is a great place to take a walk in the park, it gets crowded with exercising residents and tourists who came to see fountain shows in the evening. 
Unfortunately WolgwangSoobyun fountain only runs from May to October, so keep that in mind!

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