Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daegu’s November Festival/ Lights for fancy year-end! “Dancing with Light” E-World Starlight Festival

December is drawing near already.
Everywhere in the downtown is busy preparing for the end of the year. 

At Daegu, ‘E-World Starlight Festival’ informing the start of the year-end will be opening tomorrow.
The 2nd E-world Light Festival this year will decorate a cold year-end as warm and romantic day. 

An amusement park and fancy night view is the perfect combination!

Now, shall we know more about the 2nd E-World Starlight Festival?
■ Overview of the Festival
- Date : November 22, 2014 (Saturday)
- Venue : E-World

A beautiful light festival we enjoy ahead with hearts awaiting the end of the year! E-World Starlight Festival!
Especially, special programs will be held depending on the time. 

[Chapter 1] Hopeful Prelude“Lighting of Mega Tree and Fireworks“(November 22~December 5)
Fancy opening ceremony of Starlight Festival
Lighting of the nation’s highest treeand special fireworks
(Fireworks is held only on November 22)

[Chapter 2] Glow-in-dark Sonata “Starlight Stamp Tour” (December 6 ~ December 19)
A stamp tour enjoyed at Daegu’s largest starlight photo zone
For those who completed the tour, a special gift will be given. 

[Chapter 3] Love Serenade “Starlight Skating”(To be open on mid-December)
Sky skating enjoyed at the highest skating rink in the nation.
At the E-World Starlight Festival are gate square harmonized with 200-meter light road, angel status, large tree, and center square fancily lined with 830 lights, 50-meter fairy’s forest, and tambourine road! You can enjoy fancy lights in varied themes! So, you should visit! 

E-World festival filled with fancy starlight, how about visiting with the loved ones this weekend? ^^

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