Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daegu’s November Exhibition / The 3rd Daegu International Robot Industry Expo& 2014 Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo where you can look all around from robots to the industrial machinery and tools.

I used to have doubts when I watch a science fiction movie or comic!
Would there be a day when robot does errands and everything in the word has computers and automatic system?

Doesn’t it happen only in the comic books? Of course, it has become possible at present!

A place where you can personally check the science technologies like this in Daegu was held at EXCO. 
It was the 3rd Daegu International Robot Industry Expo!

Especially, the 2014 Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo and 15th Daegu International Automatic Machinery Industry Expo were held along with the Robot Industry Expo making it more enriching and colorful this year! 

Let’s go to see interesting robots and marvelous industrial machines and tools. 
When it comes to robots, Jemeotdero thought about small robots used in daily life. 
They say that robots are used even at making semiconductor devices and circuit diagram. 
The device which spectators are listening closely to its explanation as well is the robot used when manufacturing products.
It looks like a human face, right? These robots are used to accompany elderly people living along and help daily life. 
Aside from these, there also is a cute robot for family use that helps children studying. 
Furthermore, at the display area there also are places young children would like aside from the adults. 

We can see HUBO, the representative robot of Korea, and a robot that can follow the gesture of people exactly!
A stage where we can see the robot performances which we sued to in the TV are decorated. The robots wearing pretty clothes felt very close~~!!
Since we are done looking around the robot exhibit, shall we now see Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo held at the 1st floor of EXCO?
This year’s Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo was participated by 486 enterprises that is more than last year, isn’t the scale of the exhibit great?
There are various devices we don’t actually see often!
There also are buyers aside from common spectators. 
Everyone listened carefully to the explanation of the product!

The Korean air force also had participated in this year’s industry expo. 
They caught the attention of spectators by presenting different parts of combat planes and handling simulation!
Have you enjoyed the Daegu International Robot Industry Expo?
Those who are curious of science technology of Korea or who really loves robots, please remember the Daegu International Robot Industry Expo & Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo!

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