Monday, November 24, 2014

Daegu restaurants that Jjang-ddol dad is recommending / The Kitchen NOI, DAlizio, Full House, La Luce ? Kyungyang Restaurant, pasta restaurant, Italian food

Western food is what Koreans go for the most of the times when they eat out.
Western food such as Italian food and French food have been popular eat-out menu for a long time.

Among many restaurants in Daegu, I wanted to recommend 4 restaurants with unique characteristics.
Make sure to remember these places because they are great places to go on special days.

The Kitchen NOI
The Kitchen NOI is located near SeongkimDaegunSeongdang and has very satisfying atmosphere and taste.

It’s only been few months since they opened but they are already getting famous.
They have pasta course at 30,000 won range for lunch and 40,000 won/80,000 won steak course for dinner. Quality ingredients, taste, and even plating… it is a restaurant that doesn’t lack any of those. 
If you are looking for a place to celebrate a special day or to propose, I recommend you this place.

Dalizio, across Daegu Home Plus mall is a family restaurant with focus on pizzas and pastas. 
It is a place that has the comparable scale and interior design with those of large franchised family restaurants. 
The strength of Dalizio is their affordable price. 
Pizza is little more than 10,000won, and pasta is lower than that. You can also have steak for 20,000 won, so you can go there with no price pressure.

Full House
Full House didn’t have sophisticated menus like western restaurants nowadays but their main menus are hamburger steak, pork cutlet, omelet, and hashed rice. 
This restaurant kept its place since it first opened in 1991.
If you order hamburger steak, you will also have break with honey and the side that Koreans cannot miss, diced radish kimchi.
If you want to know about old western food culture of Korea, visit Full House!

La Luce
Located across Kyungdae Hospital, La Luce is an advocate of European restaurant. Already famous among gourmets, it is a great place to have a meal, and even better for a cup of wine. 
You have wide variety to choose from like salad, pasta, steak, and homemade hamburger, and the best part is the rich taste coming from great quality ingredients. 
You can’t miss the Greek eggplant cuisine moussaka made with cheese and tomato sauce, and steak that spreads savory juice in your mouth is also a strength of La Luce.

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