Monday, November 10, 2014

Daegu events in November / Fun architecture! Experiencing architecture! Lively review of 2014 Daegu Architectural Culture Biennale

Recently, Korea is experiencing architecture craze. 
It is a movement that prefers to construct a structure of your own style rather than having identical buildings. 

And so we went to 2014 Daegu Architectural Culture Biennale in Daege.
Daegu Architectural Culture Biennale was held in Daegu Art Factory.
On the first day, they had ‘children architecture school’ program for children to make houses using paper box, cloths, and paper cups. 
They used easy-to-find materials, but their creativity was really stood out.
Inside the exhibition center was not only the models of wooden construction cultural properties but also award winning works from Daegu International Architecture Competition, Eco Architecture Design Competition, and JapanInternational Architecture Exchange. 
The exhibition of structures were done through pictures and blueprints.
We also saw ‘Korean-style house’ that represents the structures of Korea. 
They showed the frame of a paper sliding door and traditional drawings. 
On the third floor of Daegu Art Factory, Daegu Architectural Model Exhibition had models that downscaled the modern structures of Daegu.
The last place is the architecture and fashion exhibition corner. 
The topic suits Daegu, the city of fabric fashion.
In a concept of wearable architecture, these are the works designed with different characteristics of structures as the motives.

The viewpoints of designers are as original as this. 

If you want to see the beauty of Korean architecture, the newest architectural trend, don’t miss out on the annual Daegu Architectural Culture Biennale.

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