Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Train trip to Daegu, the 11th ? Daegu subway line 2, places to go near Gangchang station ~ Moonyang station

Daegu’s weather is really fine these days!
This is the best time to go on a trip to Daegu.

Let’s start with our 11th story of train trip to Daegu.
Today’s station is a course that uses Daegu subway line 2 which is from Gangchang station, Daesil station, Dasa station, and Moonyang station! It is a route that can not only see Geumho River and Nakdong River, but also a place where you can enjoy the ride in the nature!
Now, let’s check out the places to go!

□ Gangchang station~Moonyang station

□ Gangchang station / bicycle rent

Gangchang station is providing free bicycle rental service to help the tour around the place!
Anyone can rent a bicycle from a bicycle rental place in Gangchang station after showing their identification and filling out a simple form, as long as they are 15 years old and above.

□ Daesil Station / The Arc, Kangjung-Koryung Weir

The place you can go by exiting through the third exit in Daesil station! The Arc and Kangjung-Koryung Weir.

The Arc is a cultural center of 4 Rivers built on a motif of river, water, and nature.

It has exhibition space, art gallery, and huge circle movie theater with water as a theme. It has a great night view as well.
Kangjung-Koryung Weir too was built during the maintenance business of 4 Rivers and has a bicycle road, so it is a favorite place of many people who love to bike.

□ Dasa station / Dalseong marsh, Ssangnyong Noksaekgil
The next is Dasa station.

You can go to Dalseong marsh land if you take a taxi or ride a bike from the third exit of Dasa station.

In Dalseong marsh land, you can see cosmos in early fall and flame grass in winter.

Dalseong marsh land is pretty big extending from Geumho river to Nakdong river, so you can go here from Keimyung University station or Gangchang station. You can also see Ssangnyong Noksaekgil to the direction of Keimyung University station and Gangchang station.

Ssangnyong Noksaekgil is a walking trail that is 18km long, and made with different themes such as mountain pat, riverside road, side road, and trails. 
The entrance of 7th course of Ssangnyong Noksaekgil is decorated with metasequoia, so it is known for green beauty.

□ Moonyang station / local food direct sales market, Mount Macheon, Moonyang catfish spicy stew alley

The last station for today is Moonyang station, the last station of line 2 and the only ground station of Daegu.

The first place of Moonyang station is the local fooddirect sales market.

Moonyang station local food direct sales market sells rice, mushrooms, chilies, fruits, and other agricultural product produced in the area. 

If you make a left turn from the 1st or 2nd exit of Moonyang station, you can start on a hike to Mount Macheon!

There are three hiking paths in Mount Macheon, and the longest path that includes Mount Macheon ridge takes about 3 hours, and the other two paths take 1 hour.

Take 3 hour path if you love to exercise! And we recommend 1 hour

path for those who just started exercising and have low stamina. 

After the hike, visit Moonyang station Bugok-ri catfish spicy stew alley that we recommend.

Catfish spicy stew alley in Dalseong-gun, Dasa-eup, Bugok-ri is a place famous for rice paddy catfish spicy stew which is one of the 10 delicacies of Daegu.
Catfish spicy stew on a chilly day is very tasty.

On a fall with high sky and clear and cool wind, how does a train trip to Daegu to enjoy biking and hiking sound like? 

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