Friday, October 24, 2014

Review on Daegu Camping Expo / Overnight in the Open Air? It is autumn! _ A vivid review on 2014 Daegu Golf Camping Expo

Autumn of Korea is fantastic for outdoor activities. 
It is because of the weather that is not cold yet not hot, and the wind blows gently. 

That’s why a lot of people go out for the outdoor activities in autumn. Especially, the camping is popular nowadays in Korea. 

An expo the people who likes camping would like was held last October 17, 2014. 
It is the 2014 Daegu Golf Camping Expo. 

The admission fee was 2,000won, and total of 80 brands were operating 258 booths.

This time’s Daegu camping expo was held along with the golf expo. 
On the right side of the entrance were the booths of camping related enterprises and on the left side were the booths for golf enterprises. 

The colorful camping goods are really pretty. 
The site of the Daegu Camping Expo was filled with various camping goods. 

Starting from the most important tent, there were chairs for outdoor, tables, tableware, lantern, tongs, and there were even large camping equipment like a rooftop tent, trailer, etc. 

Besides, the leisure goods were displayed as well. 
There also were many products related to barbeque which pops up into our minds when we think of camping. 

Especially, there were a lot of male spectators and perhaps it is because it is an outdoor related exhibition. 
There were also many spectators looking through the products. 

At the booths of Daegu Golf Expo, various golf goods including golf apparels, gold gloves, cap, accessories, etc. were prepared and people were able to purchase these in an inexpensive price.

People personally tried out the products while listening to the explanation of the seller, and the educational programs like lesson on one-point putting and lecture on swing mechanics, etc. 

Shall we watch a vivid video of the site of 2014 Daegu Golf Camping Expo filled with various programs?

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