Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recommended fall photo shoot scenes / Picturesque scenery on the top of the mountain! To Daegu’s photo shoot attraction, Gachang healing park Pony Farm!

Many places in Korea are now at the peak of autumn foliage, and southern region including Daegu will get to the peak starting on the last week of October.

When you visit Daegu at this time, visit Healing Park Pony Farm in Daegu, Dalseong-gun, Gachang-myeon, the place that is famous for fall pictures.
Located on the top of the mountain, Healing Park Pony Farm is 15 minutes away from the eatery town entrance by car.
Healing Park Pony Farm is a complex leisure spot where you can enjoy pony riding, camping, and fishing.
When you drive up to the Pony Farm, to your left is the main entrance of Pony Farm that leads to the camping site, and to your right is the Pony Farm.
White farm fences and blue sky makes a beautiful view.
There are many ponies inside the fences, and the kids can touch them and ride them.
You can also go camping to Gachang Healing Park Pony Farm.
You can easily put up a tent in clean camping zone.
Washbasin, recycling bin, bathroom, showers, and other accommodations are equipped too. 
On the other side, barbeque place with great view and dining spaces are prepared.
Open air swimming pool and playground for children are prepared as well.
You can enjoy fishing at the small pond.

Pony Park is well-decorated inside with pinwheel and pine trees, so it is a great place to feel the nature.

You can also see “sotdae”, the traditional pillar of Korea.

If you want to spend Korea’s fall abundantly, visit Healing Park Pony Farm.

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