Thursday, October 23, 2014

[Daegu’s Unique Bakery] Looking for a croquette representing Daegu! Croquette specialty house_ Banwoldang Korokke

You have travelled to Daegu?
Do you want to know what foods are in Daegu?

You might think of Bulgogi or Kimchi when it comes to foods representing Korea, but the famous food in Daegu is actually Banwoldang Korokke.

Korokke is a Japanese pronunciation of croquette. The croquette which is a Western food was passed to Korea through Japan. 

Croquette specialty house, the Banwoldang Korokke is the local specialty of Daegu that had been introduced in Korean television program. 

The most typical menu is vegetable croquette but you may choose from Kimchi, curry, egg, sweet potato, cheese potato, etc. according to your taste. 

The price is inexpensive costing 1,500 won. 

Among these, I chose cheese potato croquette and spicy tuna croquette. 
If you wait for a while after you have ordered, you can taste the hot croquette. 

Cheese potato croquette is filled with cheese a lot that cheese is flowing down. 

If you are curious of spicy taste Koreans like, a spicy tuna croquette would be nice, right?

The main branch of Daegu Banwoldang Korokke is located at the 2nd floor of central fountain at Metro Center inside Banwoldang subway station. 

You must come to Daegu and try out the taste of Daegu’s specialty, croquette! 

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