Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daegu Tour by Urban Railway Episode #10, Places to visit nearby the Jukjeon Station ~ Gyemyung University Stationof Daegu Urban Railway line 2

We have been introducing Daegu Tour by Urban Railway and the autumn is already getting late in Korea. 

As usual, Jemeotdaero will introduce a substantial tourist attraction of Daegu for you to travel with ease!! ^^

Places we are going to introduce today are the course along the Daegu urban railway line 2 which are from Jukjeon Station to Yongsan Station, Igok Station, Seongsa Industrial 
Complex Station, and Gyemyung University Station.  

Among these, we will be focusing on Yongsan Station, Igok Station, and Gyemyung Station.

□ Jukjeon Station ~ Gyemyung University Station

□ Yongsan Station - Metro Gallery / Smiling Art Center

Yongsan Station has the Metro Gallery inside the station that anyone can enjoy the cultural art. 
‘Autumn… Beautiful Dish Exhibit’ was exhibiting by the time we visited.

Dishes containing the beauty of Korea were displayed. 

The Smiling Art Center nearby the exit #3 of Yongsan Station has various facilities like Waryong Hall which is a concert hall specialized for classics, the Duryu Gallery which is the exhibition hall, music lecture hall, swimming pool, small library, outdoor stage and more. 

□ Igok Station, Igok Fountation Park / Waryong Mountain

Igok Station is where you can see the beautiful nature of Daegu. 

You can see the roses in full bloom every spring at Igok Fountain Park nearby the Exit #6.
If you walk more passing the Igok Fountain Park, you can also get to the top of Waryong Mountain through Seonwok Park. 

□ Gyemyung University Station, Gyemyung University / Metasequois forest walk

Last is the Gyemyung University Station.

After exit through the Exit #1, if you walk a bit you will see the main gate of Gyemyung University.

Gyemyung University is famous as a filming site from the dramas leading the Korean Wave such as Boys over Flowers, Love to movies such as The Snow Queen and Ditto. 
Moreover, there is the Hanhakchon where you can enjoy the traditional beauty of Korea. 

Exit through the Exit #3 across the Gyemyung University will lead you to a metasequois forest walk where you can see the wonderful autumn scenes. 

This is it for the Daegu Tour by Urban Railway.

If you are planning a travel to a nature in Daegu, don’t forget the places we have introduced today!

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