Saturday, October 18, 2014

Daegu October Events / A fashion lifestyle fair held at Daegu, the city of textile and fashion_ Let’s go to the site of 2014 Daegu Fashion Fair

At Daegu known as the city of textile and fashion since before, the 2014 Daegu Fashion Fair was opened in last October 8. 

Shall we travel to the site of Daegu Fashion Fair filled with fashion staffs like buyer, designers, marketers, and ordinary people who loves fashion?

Different fashion brand aside from the rising designers participated in this exhibition.

Daegu Department Store which is a famous Daegu department store at the Daegu region, and the beautiful stores that unfolds a sharing activity.

In this exhibit, all 180 companies participated that it is the exhibit with large scale. 

The Daegu Fashion Fair is also an event for the business customers that connective center was prepared for the buyers and designers to meet.

The world’s best quality products acknowledged by Daegu of so-called Chimeric are displayed in one place. 

What was popular for the ordinary consumers was no other than the unique clothes personally recommended by the designers. They try wearing and buy the product perfect for them!

Moreover, at the one side was the works of the students studying fashion were exhibited!
Really! It was the works!
The skills of students are really good~ I guess we don’t have to worry about the future of Korean fashion! 

At the Daegu Fashion Fair, there is the beautiful stores we are glad to see~
The donation box in which you can donate used clothes is prepared and you can also purchase UP-recycle products~! You can help the environment and the quality as well is good. It is catching two birds with one stone!

I think 2014 Daegu Fashion Fair was a fair appropriate for the city of textile and fashion~

You can meet various products of fashion and lifestyle! You can also identify new fashion trends!

For those who weren’t able to visit this year, don’t forget and visit next year~

You can be a leading trend leader! 

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