Friday, October 17, 2014

Daegu Coffee Fair / A cup of coffee in autumn! Review on the 4th Daegu Coffee&Cafe Fair filled with bitter sweet coffee fragrance

A cup of warm coffee is great in autumn, right?

Last October 8, the 4th Daegu Coffee&Cafe Fair was held at Daegu Exco.

The National Student Barista Contest held in the largest scale in the nation is at its peak.
Soon-to-be baristas with excellent talent representing each region will be competing for the flavor, skill on making coffee, services, etc. 

You can also meet a lot of products that it is no exaggeration to say that the Coffee&Cafe Fair has all products related to coffee.

You can meet from the roasting shop to the famous coffee brands of Korea like Dal.komm Coffee.

They also have the machines that brew Dutch coffee for sale.

Since the sellers explain kindly, even those who just like coffee without knowing much were also able to purchase easily. 

Moreover, at the center of the exhibition hall was the Coffee Roasters Association of Daegu explaining how to extract espresso by hand dripping. 

Aside from these, the experience centers are prepared as well~
If you purchase a ticket at the front of the experience centers, you can participate on the spot!

The education center is also prepared on the other side. 

Here, domestic and foreign coffee experts are offering skill training like roasting, brewing, cupping, etc. and various coffee related educations like a seminar on opening a coffee shop and more are ongoing as well!

Also, you can also see delicious desserts that go well with coffee at the Daegu Coffee&Cafe Fair. 

Anyone who likes coffee!
Anyone who wants to learn about coffee!

The Daegu Coffee&Cafe Fair is a place where anyone would like and gain coffee-related information!

Don’t forget to visit next year!

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