Friday, October 17, 2014

Daegu Autumn Festival / Meet a fancy parade colorfully dying the autumn night! Colorful Daegu Festival / Review on a Jjoromi FunFun Colorful Parade

A cheerful Colorful Daegu Festival was held fancily decorating an autumn night at the whole are of Dongseong-ro and Jungang-ro, Daegu last October 11 and 12.

Center to this festival is no less than a colorful parade held under the clear autumn night. 

The traffic of the area exclusively for transportation in Jungang-ro is controlled and the parade personally participated by the residents was held and it was very attractive. 

Prior to the Colorful Daegu Festival, the GyeongsangGamyeong Custom Reenactment Festival was held at GyeongsangGamyeong Park. 

It is a festival that reenacts the traditional customs in a place where GyeongsamgGamyeong was at during Joseon Dynasty.

The diverse sightseeing like the rotation of soldiers at Floodgate, bell striking ceremony, traditional performance of the rotation of soldiers at Floodgate, traditional performances, etc. flowed. 

Past theGyeongsangGamyeong Part, move towards the Daegu Station crossroad and you can enjoy the real colorful Daegu festival.
Between the Daegu Station crossroad and Jungang-ro Station crossroad is the green zone. 

It is divided into Global Fun Festival and Bukseong-ro Flea Market that a space where you can enjoy the traditional play and the plays of the world is prepared at the Global Fun Festival area whereas the art market anyone despite of gender and age participate is held at the Bukseong-ro flea market. 

At the section between Jungang-ro crossroads and Banwoldang crossroads, a chalk art was held!
It is a kind of a performance where the residents freely draw their own pictures.

Also, at the in between the streets, the staffs are playing games with the residents to make the festival richer.
And, the autumn night is getting dark and it is almost time for a grand parade. 

At this parade which a lot of residents participated, a lot of people from all levels of society as well as the regional art organizations.

Let’s look at the fancy parade!

How is it? Even just by looking at the picture, don’t you want to go?

If you want to feel the cheerful atmosphere of Daegu, visit during the autumn!

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