Saturday, October 11, 2014

A passionate festival that filled the Dongseong-ro, Daegu, a street of youth! First day of Daegu Dongseong-ro Featival 2014

“If Seoul has Myeongdong, Daegu has Dongseong-ro!”

The street that crosses the downtown of Daegu from the Daewoo building in front of Daegu station to the Jungang Police Box is called ‘Dongseong-ro’.

As the best downtown of Daegu and the center of shopping, it is a symbolic street crowded with young people all the time.

The 2014 Dongseong-ro Festival where all merchants of the street become the center and enjoy along with Daegu residents was opened last October 3, 2014.

Jemeotdaero personally went to Dongseong-ro!

The Gyeongsang Gamyeong ceremony that reenacted the inauguration of governor Shin, Gu of Joseon Dynasty was held. Isn’t it unique?

At the Kyodong jewelry specialized street where Daegu Fashion Jewelry Week is being held, the booth for jewelry and fashion are installed.

At the front of the (old) Han-il Theater, the starting point of Dongseong-ro stood the triumph arch of Dongseong-ro Festival.

Performances are ongoing at the main stage of a square in front of Daebaek.
Dongseong-ro is filled with different booths.

There are various experience programs even children can enjoy such as play experience, cup crafts, air freshener making, caricature drawing, etc.

From a free taste to the booths displaying dishes representing different countries!
It was filled with various foods.

A band contest is held at the Jungang Police Box Square where the last stage of Dongseong-ro Festival is located.

At the communication alley, a free market is opened where you can purchase various goods the residents personally made such as crafts like mobile phone cases, bracelets, and dolls, apparels and cookies, etc.

‘Dongseong-ro Festival’ that is also called as the festival representing Daegu, isn’t it cool?
Come and personally feel the heat of Daegu.

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