Friday, September 26, 2014

Street Motor Festival / A Site of Street Motor Show held at the Motor Alley located at Daegu Namsan-dong, the Mecca of Tuning Industry.

Rediscovery of the Motor Alley at Namsan-dong, Daegu!
Summer has passed and autumn is coming, yet this place is still filled with hot heat. 

We personally have been there!
Just like the slogan of this event, “Cars are fashion, too” under the opinion ‘Cars must be on a road’, cool cars fill the Motor Alley and a lot of people visited to see those cars. 

Into the festive site of Street Motor Show that was much hotter than the hot sun, shall we go together now?

You can see the lines of cars as you enter the Namsan-dong Motor Alley.
The colors are a bit different from the colors of the cars sold in reality, right?

All these are the cars that are newly reborn by tuning. It fills the Motor Parts Alley that is approximately 500m long. 

There also is a car of the color that matches well with blue sky and bright weather.

Wow~ a feast of colorful sports cars!

The flower of a motor show! There are racing models, too.
I guess all photographers around the whole nation are here! 

Racing girls are making poses according to the demands by the photographers!

‘Car’ is the pride of men?!
Two kid gentlemen who came along with their dad are into the charms of a tuning car. 

Make a pose in front of the car you like and take a picture. 

Different cars aside from sports cars are displayed in this Motor Show.

A Jeep, the men’s romance, is also displayed.

Aside from this, there were various performances held hourly on the main stage. 

Street Motor Festival where a lot of people participated!
It was a festival filled with passion. 

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