Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recommendations for Daegu Autumn Tourist Destination / Autumn Scenery at the Cosmos Field at Hajungdo, Nogok-dong

A weather perfect for outdoor activity continues in Korea.
It is sunny and the sky is clear. 

A place where cosmos are beautiful? 
We recommend you to Hajungdo Nogok-dong, the representative autumn tourist attraction site of Daegu. 

In Hajungdo, a famous as a place good for picture taking, cosmos are already in full bloom.

Here is a picture of the scenery taken on September 21!  

It is the view of Hajungdo looked down from Nogok Bridge.
It is a place you can view beautiful scenery with rape flower during spring and cosmos during autumn.

Admission is free!

Currently, the parking is under maintenance so it is preferred to use the riverside parking across Nogok Bridge. 

Last holiday, a lot of people visited Hajungdo.
Many people enjoyed walking through the cosmos. 

Feel the autumn of Korea along the walk that crosses the center of Hajungdo.

We will show you beautiful autumn sceneries.

There also are many people taking pictures with cosmos as the background. 

There also is a honeybee working hard. 

You can also see the field of reeds if you walk towards the end of Hajungdo following the walkway.  

It only takes around one hour to one and half hour to leisurely walk around Hajung-do.

If you want to see the autumn scenery of Daegu, visit cosmos field at Hajungdo!

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