Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recommendations for autumn streets good for a walk / We will introduce Daegu’s nice forest walkway which is good for healing.

Korea’s autumn is well-known to be beautiful. 
It is because the trees are dyed colorful.

Season of autumn colors came again this year without exception. 

When we look at the autumn season of 2014 announced by the weather center recently, 

The first autumn color season for Daegu reason would start from October 19 based on the Palgongsan Mountain and reach its peak on October 28. 

So, today we will recommend you the forest walkways that are good to walk during autumn in Daegu. 

Autumn is getting deeper, and try healing yourself from the stress and exhaustion of everyday life at the forest filled with phytoncides and anions. 

Daegu Olle Road

There are total of 8 courses of Daegu Olle Roads, which started to develop its first course as the concept of green tour had introduced in Daegu.
It is the course where you can enjoy the green nature of the whole Palgongsan Mountain, the famous mountain representing the Youngnam district, along with various traditional cultures. 
You can enjoy various experience tours as you look around the village located at the foot of the mountain. 

□ Surrounding amenities : Palgongsan Cable Car, Dongwhasa Temple, Pagyesa Temple, Donghwa Campground, Palgongsan Seungsi Festival, Palgongsan Autumn Festival

Apsan Jarak-gil

Apsan Jarak-gil has different fun from a trail we climb up to the top of a mountain.
Created with 2~3 ridges along with the contour lines, the slight incline is its feature. 
Anyone can easily climb that it is good for a beginner or a family to visit. 

□ Surrounding amenities : Apsan Café Street, Apsan Cable Car, Anjirang Gopchang Alley

Gatbawi Trail

The path to the top of the Gatbawi used to be a bumpy stone trail just 2 years ago. 
After it had newly renovated as a trail that is good for walking, it has been welcomed by many mountain climbers.
It is comprised of 1,365 stone stairs with a meaning to pray and improve health for 365days or a year.
Resting areas are well installed in the middle that even the beginners can easily climb up. 

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