Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nature and childhood memory meeting inside the Daehan Arboretum

Daehan Arboretum is an arboretum located at Palgong Mountain and operated by an individual. 

It is located by the halfway up the Palgong Mountain, but since there is a road you may take a car to go up to the parking. 

A coffee shop inside the Daehan Arboretum does not only sell beverages. 
You can view a wonderful scene as you go up to 2nd floor. 

Everyday objects the owner of Daehan arboretum gathered one by one since 1960s are displayed. 

There are a lot of objects which were very useful while in school from a uniform, old snacks, lighter, compass and or protractor, etc. It feels like visiting an individual museum. 

You can also dine at Daehan Arboretum. The menus are Sanchae Bibimbab (Wild Vegetable Bibimbap), Chooeotang (Loach Soup). 

There is a Korean saying "a load of bread is better than a song of many birds", it is very delicious to eat rice while looking at a bamboo forest. 

After finish eating, we take a walk around at the back of the arboretum. 


It is filled with beautiful sceneries and sculptures. 

Daehan Arboretum has no separate entrance fee. 
It is a perfect route to look around the surrounding sceneries as a walk and have a cup of coffee before leaving! 

Visit when autumn wind blows gently!

- Address : Jungdae-dong Dong-gu, Daegu South Korea 
- TEL : +82 53-983-8080

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