Monday, September 15, 2014

How about a barbeque party at the indoor camp site within a downtown? Daegu Indoor Camp Café, MY10

Do you like a barbeque part?
How about camping?

If you do, come to a barbeque camp site, MY 10 filled with romance within a downtown. 

If you open a passionate red gate and enter, you see a yard that gives off an atmosphere of home. 

At the yard is filled with various camping props!

You can create an atmosphere of camping and barbeque party even within a downtown that it feels like I am on a vacation. 

Shall we now begin enjoying the barbeque party?

You help yourself with kimchi, onion, pickled radish, etc. as much as you want on a plate like this. 

Various sauces for barbeque such as chili sauce, mustard, barbeque sauces are prepared.

Here comes the thick, salivating barbeque!

Actually, meats never get cloyed even if I eat them every day throughout a year. 
Eating a delicious meat in a nice, romantic place makes it more delicious!

There is one thing that can never be omitted at camp in Korea! That is no other than!

A ramen~ ^^
You must taste the refreshing yet spicy seafood ramen filled with seafood. 

My 10 turns into more romantic camp site as the night grows late!

How about enjoying a nice, delicious barbeque party at an unusual barbeque site before the summer passes? 

- Address : 486-19 Daemyeong-dong (25-1 Hyeonchung-ro 6-gil) Nam-gu, Daegu South Korea
- TEL : +82 53-657-6112

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