Saturday, September 13, 2014

Experience the autumn of Palgong Mountain together with beautiful music, visit Banjja Yugi Museum!

Enjoy a beautiful melody at Palgong Mountain filled with autumn scent!

Now, I will introduce the news on outdoor performance to be held at Bangjja Yugi Museum every weekend starting from this coming Sunday!

[Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum’s outdoor performance of second half of 2014]

- Venue: Outdoor stage at Bangjja Yugi Museum
- Performance hours: 15:00~16:00
- Programs

Sept. 14 (Sun)
Scent of Autumn
 ∘ Fusion performances of Daegeum, Taepyeongso, Ocarina, Electric guitar, Synthesizer, Drum, etc.
 Mongolian folk music “Khoomei”,  Irish tin whistle “Behind The Clouds”
 ∘ Ocarina concerto “The Moon Embracing the Sun OST”, Gayageum concerto “Joyful”, etc.
Sept. 27 (Sat)
 Municipal Art Group Performance
∘ Modern dance, folk song, vocal ensemble, golden crown quintet, etc.
 Daegu Municipal Art Group
Sept. 28 (Sun)
Zenith “A cappella performance”
 ∘ Sweet music containing messages for every theme.
 ∘ Humorous performance, audience-participation performance
 ∘ ‘Beautiful Girl’, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, ‘Rose’, ‘Cumulus’, ‘Cartoon OST Medley’, and many more.
 A cappella group, Zenith
Oct. 5 (Sun)
 Happy Day
Happy Song
∘ Songs ‘La Donna E Mobile’, ‘The Toreador Song’, ‘La Traviata’, etc.
  ∘ Ocarina, Violin, Flute performances
 Free Soul Ensemble
Oct. 12 (Sun)
 Dreaming Theater 
“Do Dream”
∘ Flattering “Eolssiguna Ratcha!” : Chuimsae (dynamic interactive actions presented in pansori) by audientces along with the traditional flattering sounds
  ∘ Drum Performance “Do Dream”
  ∘ Korean Traditional music, Pansori-rock, etc.
 Dreaming Theater
Oct. 19 (Sun)
 Indie Band Performance
  ∘ Acoustic band “Massalina”, “Double O” performance : “Two-wheeled Car’, ‘I Like Light’, ‘Sun Shine’, etc.  
 Indie 053
Oct. 25 (Sat)
Outreach Performance
∘ Modern dance, folk song, vocal ensemble, golden crown quintet, etc.
 Daegu Municipal Art Group

More than anything, all these performances are free!!!

We strongly recommend for the viewing of exhibition at Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum and a walk along the street going to Bookji Jangsa, the Daegu Olleh 1 Course right beside the museum after watching the performances. 

- Address : 399 Dohak-dong Dong-gu, Daegu South Korea
 - TEL : +82 53-606-6171

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