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Daegu Tour by Urban Railway~! Episode 9. – Attractions near Bangogae Station ~ Gamsam Stationof Daegu subway line 2

Episode 9 of Daegu Tour by Urban Railway!
Today, we would like to introduce to you the lavish hidden attractions of Daegu.

Daegu Tour you go by riding an urban railway is nicer because you can go casually without any plans!
It is nicer to view Daegu as much as you want inexpensively.

Now, we will guide you to the sections for today.

The places we will introduce today are Bangogae Station, Naedang Station, Duryu Station, and Gamsam Station of subway line 2.

□ Bangogae Station – Seasoned Sashimi Alley / Daemyung Cultural Performance Street

At the Exit 1 of Bangogae Station, you can meet the Bangogae Seasoned Sashimi Alley that boasts its history over 40 years.

The seasoned sashimi stores had started to appear as the dish was served as an appetizer for drinks in important occasions of Gyeongsang-do province during the time of hard life after the Korean War. 

Currently, the Bangogae Seasoned Sashimi is noted as a must-try dish of Daegu that it is also selected as one of the ’10 Beauties of Daegu.”

At the Exit 2 of Bangogae Station, there is another attraction which is Daemyung Cultural Performance Street!

The Daemyung Cultural Performance Street was created as the artists started to fill the empty space formed as Gyemyeong University of Daemyung-dong transferred to Seongseo Campus.

□ Naedang Station – Duryu Maze Village 
Next place we will introduce is Naedang  Station!

You can meet the Duryu Maze Village known for its colorful murals at the Exit 2 of Naedang Station!

The beautiful streets are well decorated along the narrow maze-like alleys.
You will feel your heart getting warm deeply as you see the murals decorated with different themes like flowers, trees, pinwheels, seas, etc.

It is a place where you can take a lot of pretty pictures, so don’t forget to bring a camera with you.

□ Duryu Station –E-world / 83 Tower / Open Air Music Hall 
Our next course is Duryu Station.
This is a place loved by everyone has various attractions and amenities.

At the Exit 14 of Duryu Station is the E-world, the Daegu’s representative amusement park.

It is the amusement park that brings back old memories to adults and creates new memories to children.

Aside from here, you can also visit 83 Tower, the landmark of Daegu.
It has the observatory where you can see the night views of Daegu at a glance, and inside the tower, there is a restaurant with good atmosphere and the ice rink is open at all seasons that you can enjoy the exciting skating.

The Kolon Open Air Music Hall is a place where international events representing Daegu such as Daegu International Body Painting Festival, an opening ceremony of Daegu International Musical Festival, etc. It is good to feel the composure sitting on a wide lawn at the back of the music hall.

□ Gamsam Station –Gwangjang Core, Jungni-dong Gopchang (Tripe) Alley, Queens Road Park
Today’s last course is Gamsam Station.

Gamsam Station which previously used to be a complex shipping center is a place where young people visit often. 
It is because there are a lot of distinct eateries from alley to alley.

Another eatery town near Gamsam Staton! It is Jungni-dong Gopchang Alley.
At this alley where more than 40 tripe specialty restaurants are located, the beef tripe dishes are displayed which are uncommon in Daegu.

If you ate delicious tripe, you should digest it, right?

Enjoy a walk at the Queens Road Park built along the street near the entrance of the Gopchang Alley.

How was episode 9 of the Daegu Tour by Urban Railway?
Enjoy Daegu fully be riding the urban railway which is the easiest way you can travel. 

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