Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Daegu Fair] Farming in the city! The Third Korea Urban Agriculture Expo_ Daegu Natural Science High School

These days in Korea, people talk about ‘urban farmer’.
This refers to those people who farm using small space such as their rooftop garden or veranda garden!
We can say it is similar to those popular ‘kinfolks’ in the overseas.

The Third Korea Urban Agriculture Expo that will help you in raising crops was held in Daegu Natural Science High School!

This is the main entrance of the Third Korea Urban Agriculture Expo which will be held in Daegu Natural Science High School located in Suseong-gu! They decorated the entrance with a picture thatshowed the catch phase expressing the neighbors as neighbors living in apartments.

There is a vast farm inside the school!! Isn’t it amazing? I would say this is pretty cool!

The first place that I randomly visited was the farm art observatory!
When you look down to the path that you took from the observatory, you can find this awesome farm art!

The building below the observatory is called the urban agriculture promotion center!
On the first floor, how you can use plants in daily lives such as for upcycling and green healing office is displayed!

There were specialty crops of Daegu and nearby areas in Urban Agriculture Healing Hose!!

Daegu is famous for apples!
There were Daegu’s specialty fruits, apples~
I also saw cotton seed in this expo for the first time! It really looked soft~~. 

Autumn sunlight has raised rice pretty well too!

There are guides and all over the expo, ready to resolve your curiosity about the plant and how to grow them on the spot!

Won’t this serve as a great learning center for the urban famers? 

There were also plant-your-seedling booth that was very popular
The visitors were in a long line to get their own seedlings!

Aside from these, there were various unit events, experimental programs, and seminars.

If you want to know more about urban agriculture of Korea
Remember Korea Urban Agriculture Expo!

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