Saturday, September 13, 2014

Come to Daegu Arboretum to view Korea’s traditional garden!

Koreans of ancient times had large gardens at every house. 
Especially at the houses of Yangban (aristocrat) who may be referred as noble used to show off their wealth by how well they tended their garden. 

A space where you can experience this traditional beauty of Korea has newly opened at Daegu Arboretum! 

2 different spaces, separated with a traditional wall made of soil and stone, are prepared at the “Traditional Garden” that is newly created in 2 years since 2013 at the place of Sengtae Cheoniwon which located at the inner most of Daegu Arboretum. 

When you enter a side gate you are faced with as you turn right after walking along a curved soil road, there is a structure that looks like the Poseokjeong Pavilion of Korea. 

The place is named “Goksoogeo.”
The water is flowing calmly from the mouth of a stone turtle to a curve-shaped headrace.
This reproduces a festival of Silla Dynasty where people float the wine glass at the Goksoogeo and recite poems until that wine glass reaches them. It is built in a same size as the Poseokjeong Pavilion in Kyeongju. 

Across the soil road is the Byeolseo Garden of Joseon Dynasty which is similar to a present-day villa. 

Byeolseo Garden is referred to a garden that is built to enjoy the nature by adapting oneself to the nature with house built separately at the deep forest escaping from the mundane world. 

The pavilion and flower garden are in harmony showing off the beautiful nature. 

How about visiting Daegu Arboretum and leave a happy memory as you view various plants and the Korean-style traditional garden?

- Address : 342 Hwaam-ro Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea
- TEL : +82 53-640-4100


Unknown said...

Korea is Really Beautiful

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visitdaegu2011 said...

YES! we have lots of beautiful places. :)