Thursday, September 4, 2014

Banworldang croquettes in the subway station area of Banworldang - written by John George English, Daegu tour blog supporters

Located inside the subway station area of Banworldang, this cute croquette shop provides a quiet place where someone can sit back and relax away from the busy crowds around Daegu’s busiest area. It can be found on the 2nd floor of a food mall located near exit 13 inside Banworldang subway station.

For students or people on a low budget, it is particularly good as the croquettes are no more than 2000won($2) each, and you can also get freshly brewed coffee for 2000won($2).

What strikes me about the place is its funky, 80s music style of decorating that surrounds the right and side of the shop. It has a stereo playing relatively quiet and relaxing tunes, with piles of GQ and  other main stream magazines (though the magazines are all in Korean).

Even for people with money to spend, it is still a perfect place to have a quiet chat, read a book, or study with some friends.

The croquettes were also delicious, and it made a welcome change from a busy, main stream coffee shop, that can some times be too crowded in this area.

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