Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Autumn Memory Tour] Let’s wander every inch of Daegu! Tour Course Recommendation #1

First visit to Korea and Daegu?
Then, I will introduce you a tour course for easy sightseeing!

Time tour in a city, Daegu downtown course / Funny scientific experience and Seowon(common educational institution of Korea during the mid- to late Joseon Dynast) story tour / Green Dream keeping Rest Place , Palgongsan healing course /

Have a tour after selecting theme tour course! You will be able to enjoy every inch of Daegu.
Then, today’s recommend tour course! 3 courses will be introduced in order!!

Time tour in downtown, Daegu downtown course –2 days and 1 night course
If you visited Daegu with friend or partner, and want to witness center of Daegu city! This course is best for you!

▲ Velvet Gallery Yeongdo Daum

▲ Kim Gwang-seok street 

- 1st day : Bangcheon marketplace - Kim Gwang-seok street - Lunch (Bangcheon marketplace) - Velvet Gallery Yeongdo Daum - Dongseong Street - Dinner (Dongseong Street, food alley) - eWorld and 83 Tower - Lodge

▲ Seomoon marketplace

- 2nd day : Yakryung city oriental medicine museum - Modern Street Tour - Lunch (Seomoon marketplace) - Namsandong Catholic Town

Funny scientific experience and Seowon Story tour – a day course
This is a tour course, including scientific experience children love and seeing of Seowon to know our country’s tradition, which is popular among families.

▲ National Daegu Science Museum

▲ Dodong Seowon

- A day : National Daegu Science Museum - Lunch - Dodong Seowon

Green Dream keeping Rest Place, Palgongsan Healing – 2 days and 1 night course
There is a course in which you can be fully healed in Daegu!
This is a tour course recommended for family and couple who want to settle all the stresses.

▲ Palgongsan Cable Car

▲ Sky Garden

- 1st day : Citizen Safety Theme Park - Palgongsan Cable Car - Sky Garden (Lunch) - Donghwasa, International Tourist ship experiencing hall -  Dinner (Donghwa district) - Lodge (Donghwa District Hotel)

▲ Gatbawi Rock

- 2nd day : Bangjja Yugi(Korean Bronzeware Museum) Museum - Lunch - Gatbawi Rock

Have you enjoyed watching 1st episode of Daegu tour course Recommendation? ^^

Tour fitting to my own style! If you follow as I have instructed, you will be able to enjoy Daegu very easily!

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