Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[Autumn memory tour] Let’s submerge into deep attraction of Daegu! Tour Course Recommendation #2

Today’s theme tour course recommendations are 3 namely,

Land of beautiful scenery dawdler course, Nakdonggang river ~ Biseulsan Tour / Combination of nature and cultural art, how can it be better (Soosung •Singing Tour) / Modern history tour with story

Today’s recommendation composed of courses which offer beautiful environment, culture, history and various features of Daegu!

Shall we see together? ^^

Land of beautiful scenery dawdler course, Nakdonggang river ~ Biseulsan Tour – 1 day and 2 nights
For those who want to enjoy autumn’s atmosphere, please pay attention to this course!
It is a course which everyone can feel beautiful atmosphere of Daegu with family, friend, partner or anybody by 1 day and 2 nights tour course

▲ Daegu Arboretum

▲ Samunjin Tavern town

- 1st day : The Arc and Gangjeong Goryeong Bo(the largest among the dams of the Nakdonggang River) - Samunjin Tavern town (Lunch) - Daegu Arboretum - Village of Nampyeong Mun Clan - Mabijeong Wall Painting Town - Lodge (Flower garden natural forest lodge)

▲ Biseulsan Rocks

- 2nd day : Biseulsan Rocks - Lunch (Hyeonpung hundred years goblin marketplace, strongly recommend Sogure Rice Soup!) - Dodong Seowon

Combination of nature and cultural art, Soosung Singing Tour – 1 day and 2 nights
Want to have a tour, full of experience programs for child?
Do you want to go to a romantic place with partner? Then, this theme course is for you! Pay attention to this course composed of art gallery, herb valley!

▲ Daegu art gallery

- 1st day : Daegu art gallery - Daegu Stadium - Lunch (Color Square) - Herb Hills - ForRest Spa Valley (watch Festival of light and lodge)

▲ Apsan observatory 

- 2nd day : ForRest spa valley - Lunch (Gachang rural food district) - Nokdong Seowon and Korea-Japan Acquaintance Hall - Apsan observatory - Soosung Pond - Dinner (Deulahngil)

Modern history tour with story – a day
If you are curious of history of Daegu and old atmosphere, modern history tour course is what you are looking for!
This is a course keeping the modern feature of music teahouse and old catholic churchas they are!

▲ Dongsan Missionary House

▲ Music teahouse Serabi (C'est la vie)

▲ Donseong Street

- A day : Dongsan Missionary House - March First Independence Movement Streetgt - Music teahouse Serabi (C'est la vie) - Gyesan Catholic Church - Lee Sang-hwa• Seo Sang-don old house - Yakryeong City Oriental Medicine Museum - Jingolmok - Lunch (Jonglo, Jingolmok’s restaurant) - Donseong Street - National debt repayment movement memorial hall

Have you enjoyed these three theme tour course recommendation?

On a day of beautiful weather during autumn! Have a meaningful Daegu tour!

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