Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trip to Ancient Gooam Auditorium, Daegu’s Korean style guest house.

Unique place where you can experience a night in Korean style guest house and traditional cultural activity. I introduce you Ancient Gooam Auditorium.

Gooam Auditorium is located right next to Joonggu Dongsandong Shinmyeong High School.

Widely spread grass. Blue sky is well matched with grass right?

Road to backyard of Korean style house. At backyard, you can experience arrow shooting and traditional play.

Its guest room is consisted of 6 places.
In a warm Ondol room, clean bedding and various facilities are ready to serve.

Moreover, at one side, there is resting place for you to chat with friends


 Discounting promo by tomorrow
-Double room ~ room for 5 people (44,000 Won ~ 110,000 Won) -> 14,300 Won per head

Tradition Experience Program
Free experience (Both individual and groups can experience)
- Seesaw(kind of Korea seesaw game), Yut Game(four stick game), Tuho Nori (throwing an arrow into a cylindrical container), Gorigeolgi(hang a ring game), Jegichagi(players kick the jegi into the air using instep of the foot) and viewing auditorium
Group activity : Rice cake hitting, teaism experience, archery (more than 20 / 11,000 Won per head)
Inquiry : 053)429-9900
- Address : Daegu Metropolitan city Joonggu Gukchaebosanglo 492-58 (Dongsandong 229)

Have a visit to Korean Style guest house Ancient Gooam Auditorium, where comfortable rest exists 

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