Thursday, August 7, 2014

Invitation to waterside park amidst Daegu City

The place with cool tree shade and water fountain penetrating your heart! 
Let’s go to Daegu Waterside Park~

1. Wolgwang Waterside Park


Place where you can walk, exercise and watch wonderful water fountain show!
This is Wolgwang Waterside Park.

Of course there is a trail and water jet are poured out along with fantastical laser show during night.

○ Operation hour of water fountain: May~October / for 6 months
○ Appreciation time: 30 minutes per show
○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan city Dalseogu Dowondong 952
○ Inquiry: 053-667-2851

2. Igok Water Fountain Park

You want to cool down blazing heat of Daegu? I recommend you Igok Water Fountain Park!
This is an urban summer resort where you can meet cool fountain and tree shade without a long trip to elsewhere.

○ Address: Daegu metropolitan city Dalseogu Igokdong1306-6
○ Inquiry : 053-667-2856

3. Suseong Recreation park

You want to enjoy beautiful nature?
Let's depart to Suseong Recreation Park, one of 12 Daegu views~
This place is near with Deulangil where famous restaurants are concentrated and a popular outing place beloved by Daegu citizens by existence of Suseong pond within Recreation Park!  

○ Address:  Yonghak-ro 28-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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