Friday, August 29, 2014

Gangjeong Daegu Modern Art Exhibition

The 3rd Kang, Jeong-hyeon Art Exhibition is to be held from August 23 to September 21 at the Gangjeong Goryeongbo Arc Square.

◆Gangjeong Daegu Modern Art Exhibition
Period: August 23 ~ September 21, 2014
Theme: Water and Light from Gangjeong : Fundamental element of life breathing with art
Main Exhibition: The Arc Square – New and strange excitement, meeting with the modern art.
Community Art: The Arc Square – Art Taxi, Guerilla Concert, Dance Box, Art Station
Process Progress: 1st floor lobby of The Arc _ Meeting with Artist

A Modern Art Exhibit where we can view the works of more than 20 modern artists who are active in Korea and abroad?

Gangjeongbo The Arc Square is loved by the tourists, and Daegu residents throughout four seasons.
It is a very attractive as a place for family picnic and the dating course for lovers.


Shin, Yong-gu _ Collecting the Pieces of Dream

It expressed the waves of skipping stone with the symbolic objet called red flower. The human and nature walks the path of coexistence influencing each other without ceasing.
The flower of life bloomed under the sharp yet heavy structure of The Arc, Gangjeong for human and nature to coexist. This flower represents our desire and hope.

Na, Hyeon _ Ventilation

The four ventilators that connect the visible space and invisible space bring about the ventilation with respect to what we forget or what we don’t recognize within the overflow of the sensible information and the widespread visual images.

Kim, Bong-su _ Voyage of Pinocchio            

It expresses the human’s selfish duality for desire. The Pinocchio’s nose depicts us who hide truth and chase after desire and wasting life with lies.
What would Pinocchio sitting on the 5m boat rising high up in the sky looking at a far place think now?

Kim, Seong-su _ Bird Riders

The “bird riders’ are moving following the wind direction on the tall wood strut. This wood statue is motivated by a puppet which decorated a bier in old times.
It contains our last hope and simple dream within the natural environment that changes by the human’s will.

Hwang, Woo-cheol _ Desire Evolves Whether Worldly or Philosophically                                                                  
The author equated the horse and desire. The hoof of the horse is connected to branch showsthat it absorbs the vital force of the soil and it provides the source where the desire can grow.
Desire was originally pure, it is a motor that provides a dynamic force. However, it is shown in the sweating horse that desire cannot be achieved without any effort or ability

Cha, Hyeon-wook _ Gangjeong Constellation

Each constellation on the sky talks about the human life with a myth, and sometimes, it became a guide by hour and suggested where to head.
The “Gangjeong Constellation” talks about the past and present, as well as the culture and art of Gangjeong together with people visiting, and we expect it to become a guide of the 21st century culture.

You can meet modern arts together with a beautiful scenery of Daegu at Modern Art Exhibition~
Fall into the fragrance of culture at Daegu The Arc this weekend. ^^

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