Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Daegu Trip on a City Bus ③

The course that I want to introduce today is a course that runs Daegu Sincheon.
Daegu Sincheon is a river that flows on the east Daegu.
Sincheon that starts from Biseulmountainand grows to become Geumhogang River. Around Sincheon has bike road, trail, and other sports facility, so many Daegu citizens come and visit.

[Gachang number 2]

*Suseong Lake Five-way Intersection 5 ▶ Spa Valley 2
*14 bus stops, approximately 11 minutes

*Spa Valley 2 ▶ across the West Gate of Herb Hills 
*1 bus stop, approximately 2 minutes

* What if you’re transferring from Dong Daegu or Daegu station?
Ride 708 in front of the station, get off at Chilseong market, and transfer to Gachang number 2!

<1>Suseong Lake

Suseong Lake is loved not only by the citizens of Daegu but also by the tourists for its various attractions.
The peaceful place in the afternoon where you can relax and walk becomes fancier than any other place in the evening with colorful fountain shows and different concerts.

There are lot of café and restaurants near Suseong Lake.
Make sure you stop by the famous restaurants of Daegu in nearby deulangil!

<2> Spa Valley

If you want to play in the water in Daegu, 
Go to Spa Valley~

Spa Valley that is famous as a water park of Daegu also has forest lodge and hot springs aside from the swimming pool. Spa Valley Forest 12 that opened last year is a rest area where you can experience the forest even in the midst of the city. There are great facilities that make you feel the nature such as echo healing, experiential study, woodland path, and open-air bath.  

Spend a nice day in Spa Valley where you can escape the late summer heat by playing water and relax in hot springs and woodland path.

<2> Herb hills

Herb hills where many tourists visit. Many people are getting interested at this place because recently, the drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ was filmed here.
It is an echo theme park where you can find the stability of your mind and body with fragrant herbs.
It is a great place to come out with your familybecause you can also see cute animals from the zoo and enjoy therapeutic walks in the forest.

Weekends / Holidays end at 18:00 when it’s rainy the whole day

Those who want to want to travel Daegu properly,
Just prepare your transportation card. 
With just single card, you can run along Sincheon that flows calmly, watch gorgeous fountain shows, and get cure from being surrounded by fragrant herbs. 

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