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Daegu Trip on a City Bus ②

Unique travel series that goes around Daegu on a public transportation, ‘Daegu Trip on a City Bus’ has come back!
Mount Palgong is a great mountain that is near the city of Daegu where you can clearly see the change of the weather.

Palgong number 3, the ‘Palgong Mountain Healing Course’!
Oh, remember that this course is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays~

 [Palgong number 3] (Open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)

Station across the Sutaegol Valley ▶ Station across the Donghwasa Temple entrance
* 2 bus stops, approximately 4 minutes

Station across the Donghwasa Temple entrance ▶  Station across the BangjjaYugiMuseum
* 4 bus stops, approximately 6 minutes

Station across the BangjjaYugi Museum ▶ Gatbawi
* 12 bus stops, approximately 13 minutes

* When transferring at Dong Daegu and Daegu station
Go on 101-1 (Deokgok side) in front of the station, get off at Dalgubeol High School, and transfer to Palgong number 3!

<1>Sutaegol hiking course

Sutaegol of Mount Palgong is a top water protective area where in principle, cooking and camping is prohibited. If you go up along the valley, you may see rock climbing training grounds and after that, hiking course continues to Dongbong.
Because of the cool wind caused by the valley water, it is considered the best summer resort to cool off the heat in the summer.

○Address: Sinmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
○Inquiry: 053-602-5900

<2>Donghwasa Temple

Donghwasa Temple, built in 493 is the head temple of the 9thJogyejong and a temple that represents Mount Palgong. Donghwasa Temple has 6 treasures and 7 cultural assets designated by Daegu City, so it has high historical values and many tourists visit this place.

Especially, 30m high stone statue of the Buddha is famous.
You can always see tourists who earnestly pray in front of the statue.

In Donghwasa Temple, you can also experience the temple stay program to sooth tired mind.

※ Reserve Donghwasa temple stay ☞
○Address: 35 beon-ji, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu City
○Inquiry: 053-982-0101

<3>BangjjaYugi Museum

The only BangjjaYugi theme museum in the world!

Bangjja is a Korean word that means ‘alloyed metal’.
You can see the bangjjadish display, learn how to make bangjja dish, and experience musical performance of the instruments made from bangjja, so it is a place that many parents and children visit. Even the entrance fee is free!!

○Open hours: April~October – 10:00~19:00
November~March of next year – 10:00~18:00
○Closed : January 1st, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok, every Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the next weekday)
○Address: 29 Dojang-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu City
○Inquiry: 053 - 606 - 6171

<4> Road to visit Gatbawi

Many parents from all over the country come to Mount Palgong’sGatbawi when scholastic ability test comes near!
Because of the legend that says one wish will be granted to one who prays ardently, lot of people come for 100 day prayer.

Gatbawi, the 431st treasure Gwanbong Buddha statue is a masterpiece that represents the period of united Silla. 
To see the grand Gatbawi that is 4m high, you need to hike the mountain road for about 1 hour.
Last summer, road to Gatbawi was remodeled for more people to safely and conveniently hike.

○Inquiry: 053 - 851 - 1868

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