Friday, August 15, 2014

Daegu Trip on a City Bus ①

 Subway isn’t the only public transportation of Daegu.
 There are a lot of Daegu tourist spots which is approachable by intra-city bus
Let’s ride Dalseo No.4 and enjoy Daegu tour.

Dalseo No.4

Apsan Park Stop (Nakdong River Battle Museum/Apsan cable car/ Apsan observatory) ▶ Horse Riding Course Stop

*11 Bus Stops, about 32 minutes

Daedeok Horse Riding Course Stop▶E-World Stop

*24 Bus Stops, about 50 minutes

* In case transfer from Dongdaegu station and Daegu station

Ride Urban Railroad Line No.1 and get off at Seongdangmot Station, then transfer to DalseoNo.4 in front of Seongdang Doosan Seeve.

<1>Apsan Park

1. Apsan cable car

You may ride Apsan cable car when you don’t want to show sweating after beautifully make-up. Enjoy the panorama of Daegu at a glance while riding cable car.

2. Apsan observatory

It is an observatory where you can see Daegu at a glance.

It is very refreshing to look at Palgongsan far away.

Those who are bored of dating at down town, and those who want to ease one’s mind, try go to Apsan riding Dalseo No.4.

<2>Daedeok Horse Riding Course

A special experience one can enjoy at Daedeok Horse Riding Course located at Apsan beltway.
It is horseriding.

There are indoor riding course and outdoor riding course. At here, you may learn different equestrianism such as passing obstacle.

<3> E-world

E-world the representative theme park.

Rides which will blow one’s stress away and even a 83 tower where one can see downtown of Daegu
It is a major attraction of Daegu frequently visited by families due to its various things to play with.

How was the Daegu tour taking Daegu intra-city bus?
Is it hard to travel because it is hot and you have no car?
No, you may go here and there, everywhere with a transportation card.


Anonymous said...

City bus tour is good for the tourist or wanders and in next season i will make plan for the US and in the cities i should take bus ticket from bus from indianapolis to nyc..

visitdaegu2011 said...

This is very convenient and you can look around all the tourist attractions in the city.