Wednesday, August 13, 2014

About the drama "It's Ok, That's Love" Filming site in Daegu.

Recently the drama "It's Ok, That's Love" starring Hyojin Gong and Insung Jo has filmed at one of the tourist attractions in Daegu. 
I'd like to introduce the place. 

<1> Herb Hills filled

This was the Herb Hills filled with herb scent and well-shaded streets.
If you go to Herb Hills now, you can get to view the bathroom filming site. ^^
Then, what kind of place the Herb Hills is?

The Herb Hills is one of the attractions of Daegu many domestic and foreign tourists as the eco theme park. .
You can relieve stress by scenting the herbs, and you can also experience mini zoo, eco adventure and more! This is a unique destination filled with funs. 

<2> Dansanji–Bongmu Park

This was the Dansanji (Bongmu Park) of Dong-gu, Daegu.

You can enjoy the water-skiing here where there is a beautiful Geumhogang River and it is also a perfect place for the citizens to take a walk.
Moreover, there are Bongmu Park and Butterfly Eco Park nearby that it has various attractions.

<3> Spa Valley

This is Spa Valley.

Spa Valley Forest 12 had opened its first business last year!
As a resting place where you can enjoy 12 different kinds of rests while experiencing the forest, there are various attractions like the eco healing, experience education, outdoor swimming pool, ecology experience center, etc.

<4> Hwawon Recreation Area

Our last course is the Hwawon Recreation Area.

It is a flower garden park beautifully planted along the stream of the NakdonggangRiver.
On the hills are the different flowers and plants that it is good to find composure while walking.

It is Okay, It is Love _ there are 4 filming sites in Daegu.
The attractions of Daegu with beautiful and wonderful sceneries
The filming sites for drama_ the tourists will view as they become Cho, In-seong 
and Gong, Hyo-jin
Come now! 

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