Thursday, August 21, 2014

4 places great for a bike ride.

Autumn is setting in Daegu.
Romantic street of Autumn!
What do you think about enjoying the road riding a bike?
We will introduce you 4 places great for a bike ride.

First recommendation: Geumho River Bike Road

If you want to ride bike looking at the gentle river and grass stretched out along the street, let’s go to GeumhoRiver!
GeumhoRiver Bike course is on the north of Daegu and it is stretched from east to west.
The bike road here is laid with smooth material, so it is perfect for bike ride.

Around GeumhoRiver bike road are flowers, trees, and artificial waterfalls 
that pleases your eyes~
You also don’t want to miss nightscape of Ayanggyo at night!

○Secheon-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City <->Hwansang-ri, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Second recommendation: Daegu Sincheon bike road

Sincheon lays across the city!
This is a place where people from Daegu can relax and take rest without going far.
It has swimming pool in the summer and ice skating rink in the winter, so children love this place.

There are sporting equipments and walking trail, so there are many people who come here to exercise.
This fall, enjoy your break in Sincheon bike road of Daegu!


Third recommendation: Kangjungbo bike road

Have you been to floodgate center, The Arc that opened with the 4 river business?
Many people are visiting Kangjung-Koryung Weir.
And because around The Arc is a trail and bike road, lot of families come out for a picnic!

If you forgot to bring your bike, you can try the bike rental service~
From single-seater bicycle and double-seater bicycle to electric bike that moves without the using the pedal, you can suit yourself!
You can also check out free bike rental at Line 2 Daesil Station! 

○ Kangjungbo bike rental cost
- regular bike : 4,000 won per hour
- double-seater bike : 7,000 won per hour
- electric bike : 17,000 won per hour
○ Subway line 2 DaesilStation : free bike rental

○ The Arc tour : 10:00~17:00 / free
○Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Fourth recommendation: Daegu Stadium

Daegu Stadium, one of 12 tourist destinations of Daegu.
Do you know that 2002 World Cup, World University Games, and World Championship in Athletics were all held here?

Around the stadium that holds small and big events of Daegu, there is MyungpumSoopgil Park.
In fall, many people spend their spare time riding bike and skate.

Not only that, but within the stadium, there is Daegu Virtual Sport Experience Center.
It is popular among the children because they can experience different sports and educational contents!

○ Daegu Virtual Sports Experience Center hours : weekdays 10:00~18:00
    Weekends 10:00~20:00
    Closed on Sundays
 504 Daeheung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

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