Friday, August 29, 2014

Gangjeong Daegu Modern Art Exhibition

The 3rd Kang, Jeong-hyeon Art Exhibition is to be held from August 23 to September 21 at the Gangjeong Goryeongbo Arc Square.

◆Gangjeong Daegu Modern Art Exhibition
Period: August 23 ~ September 21, 2014
Theme: Water and Light from Gangjeong : Fundamental element of life breathing with art
Main Exhibition: The Arc Square – New and strange excitement, meeting with the modern art.
Community Art: The Arc Square – Art Taxi, Guerilla Concert, Dance Box, Art Station
Process Progress: 1st floor lobby of The Arc _ Meeting with Artist

A Modern Art Exhibit where we can view the works of more than 20 modern artists who are active in Korea and abroad?

Gangjeongbo The Arc Square is loved by the tourists, and Daegu residents throughout four seasons.
It is a very attractive as a place for family picnic and the dating course for lovers.


Shin, Yong-gu _ Collecting the Pieces of Dream

It expressed the waves of skipping stone with the symbolic objet called red flower. The human and nature walks the path of coexistence influencing each other without ceasing.
The flower of life bloomed under the sharp yet heavy structure of The Arc, Gangjeong for human and nature to coexist. This flower represents our desire and hope.

Na, Hyeon _ Ventilation

The four ventilators that connect the visible space and invisible space bring about the ventilation with respect to what we forget or what we don’t recognize within the overflow of the sensible information and the widespread visual images.

Kim, Bong-su _ Voyage of Pinocchio            

It expresses the human’s selfish duality for desire. The Pinocchio’s nose depicts us who hide truth and chase after desire and wasting life with lies.
What would Pinocchio sitting on the 5m boat rising high up in the sky looking at a far place think now?

Kim, Seong-su _ Bird Riders

The “bird riders’ are moving following the wind direction on the tall wood strut. This wood statue is motivated by a puppet which decorated a bier in old times.
It contains our last hope and simple dream within the natural environment that changes by the human’s will.

Hwang, Woo-cheol _ Desire Evolves Whether Worldly or Philosophically                                                                  
The author equated the horse and desire. The hoof of the horse is connected to branch showsthat it absorbs the vital force of the soil and it provides the source where the desire can grow.
Desire was originally pure, it is a motor that provides a dynamic force. However, it is shown in the sweating horse that desire cannot be achieved without any effort or ability

Cha, Hyeon-wook _ Gangjeong Constellation

Each constellation on the sky talks about the human life with a myth, and sometimes, it became a guide by hour and suggested where to head.
The “Gangjeong Constellation” talks about the past and present, as well as the culture and art of Gangjeong together with people visiting, and we expect it to become a guide of the 21st century culture.

You can meet modern arts together with a beautiful scenery of Daegu at Modern Art Exhibition~
Fall into the fragrance of culture at Daegu The Arc this weekend. ^^

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Daegu Trip on a City Bus ③

The course that I want to introduce today is a course that runs Daegu Sincheon.
Daegu Sincheon is a river that flows on the east Daegu.
Sincheon that starts from Biseulmountainand grows to become Geumhogang River. Around Sincheon has bike road, trail, and other sports facility, so many Daegu citizens come and visit.

[Gachang number 2]

*Suseong Lake Five-way Intersection 5 ▶ Spa Valley 2
*14 bus stops, approximately 11 minutes

*Spa Valley 2 ▶ across the West Gate of Herb Hills 
*1 bus stop, approximately 2 minutes

* What if you’re transferring from Dong Daegu or Daegu station?
Ride 708 in front of the station, get off at Chilseong market, and transfer to Gachang number 2!

<1>Suseong Lake

Suseong Lake is loved not only by the citizens of Daegu but also by the tourists for its various attractions.
The peaceful place in the afternoon where you can relax and walk becomes fancier than any other place in the evening with colorful fountain shows and different concerts.

There are lot of café and restaurants near Suseong Lake.
Make sure you stop by the famous restaurants of Daegu in nearby deulangil!

<2> Spa Valley

If you want to play in the water in Daegu, 
Go to Spa Valley~

Spa Valley that is famous as a water park of Daegu also has forest lodge and hot springs aside from the swimming pool. Spa Valley Forest 12 that opened last year is a rest area where you can experience the forest even in the midst of the city. There are great facilities that make you feel the nature such as echo healing, experiential study, woodland path, and open-air bath.  

Spend a nice day in Spa Valley where you can escape the late summer heat by playing water and relax in hot springs and woodland path.

<2> Herb hills

Herb hills where many tourists visit. Many people are getting interested at this place because recently, the drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ was filmed here.
It is an echo theme park where you can find the stability of your mind and body with fragrant herbs.
It is a great place to come out with your familybecause you can also see cute animals from the zoo and enjoy therapeutic walks in the forest.

Weekends / Holidays end at 18:00 when it’s rainy the whole day

Those who want to want to travel Daegu properly,
Just prepare your transportation card. 
With just single card, you can run along Sincheon that flows calmly, watch gorgeous fountain shows, and get cure from being surrounded by fragrant herbs. 

Daegu Trip on a City Bus ②

Unique travel series that goes around Daegu on a public transportation, ‘Daegu Trip on a City Bus’ has come back!
Mount Palgong is a great mountain that is near the city of Daegu where you can clearly see the change of the weather.

Palgong number 3, the ‘Palgong Mountain Healing Course’!
Oh, remember that this course is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays~

 [Palgong number 3] (Open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)

Station across the Sutaegol Valley ▶ Station across the Donghwasa Temple entrance
* 2 bus stops, approximately 4 minutes

Station across the Donghwasa Temple entrance ▶  Station across the BangjjaYugiMuseum
* 4 bus stops, approximately 6 minutes

Station across the BangjjaYugi Museum ▶ Gatbawi
* 12 bus stops, approximately 13 minutes

* When transferring at Dong Daegu and Daegu station
Go on 101-1 (Deokgok side) in front of the station, get off at Dalgubeol High School, and transfer to Palgong number 3!

<1>Sutaegol hiking course

Sutaegol of Mount Palgong is a top water protective area where in principle, cooking and camping is prohibited. If you go up along the valley, you may see rock climbing training grounds and after that, hiking course continues to Dongbong.
Because of the cool wind caused by the valley water, it is considered the best summer resort to cool off the heat in the summer.

○Address: Sinmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
○Inquiry: 053-602-5900

<2>Donghwasa Temple

Donghwasa Temple, built in 493 is the head temple of the 9thJogyejong and a temple that represents Mount Palgong. Donghwasa Temple has 6 treasures and 7 cultural assets designated by Daegu City, so it has high historical values and many tourists visit this place.

Especially, 30m high stone statue of the Buddha is famous.
You can always see tourists who earnestly pray in front of the statue.

In Donghwasa Temple, you can also experience the temple stay program to sooth tired mind.

※ Reserve Donghwasa temple stay ☞
○Address: 35 beon-ji, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu City
○Inquiry: 053-982-0101

<3>BangjjaYugi Museum

The only BangjjaYugi theme museum in the world!

Bangjja is a Korean word that means ‘alloyed metal’.
You can see the bangjjadish display, learn how to make bangjja dish, and experience musical performance of the instruments made from bangjja, so it is a place that many parents and children visit. Even the entrance fee is free!!

○Open hours: April~October – 10:00~19:00
November~March of next year – 10:00~18:00
○Closed : January 1st, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok, every Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the next weekday)
○Address: 29 Dojang-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu City
○Inquiry: 053 - 606 - 6171

<4> Road to visit Gatbawi

Many parents from all over the country come to Mount Palgong’sGatbawi when scholastic ability test comes near!
Because of the legend that says one wish will be granted to one who prays ardently, lot of people come for 100 day prayer.

Gatbawi, the 431st treasure Gwanbong Buddha statue is a masterpiece that represents the period of united Silla. 
To see the grand Gatbawi that is 4m high, you need to hike the mountain road for about 1 hour.
Last summer, road to Gatbawi was remodeled for more people to safely and conveniently hike.

○Inquiry: 053 - 851 - 1868

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tropical fruit plants in Daegu Arboretum

Tropical fruit plants, have you seen it in real?
You can now meet various tropical fruit plants even in Daegu since August 20~

Daegu Arboretum is now providing new kind of spectacle by 90 species of planting tropical fruit plants and species of trees from warm temperate zone that were hard to see~

Tropical plant trees like mangosteen, guava, and banana for sure!! An native plants of warm temperate zone such as sapodilla, peacock flower, coffee tree etc. can be seen.

For this exhibition, Daegu Arboretum newly prepared viewing isle by recycling derelict clay bricks,
And the employees brought the tropical plants they raised in their homes planted in the Arboretum

Without separate investment, Tropical Fruit Yard that is planted only with efforts of employees!
That is why its meaning is deeper

Enjoy a special date from Daegu Botanical Garden Tropical Fruit Yard where exotic scenes are unfolded

○ Address: Daegu Metropolitan City Seo-gu Hwaam-ro 342
○ Inquiry: 053-640-4100
○ Service Hours                          
   Weekdays: 09:00~18:00/ Weekend: 09:00~18:00
   June~August: 09:00~19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Colorful Daegu Festival in Daegu!

Sadly, summer is ending,
But it is ok! Autumn festivals which will make joyful Daegu is waiting for us.
Colorful Daegu Festival is what makes us to wait for autumn!

■ 2014 Daegu Colorful Festival
○Festival period: October 11, 2014 (Saturday) ~ October 12, 2014 (Sunday)
○Location: Jungang Street district (Banwoldang cross road to Daegu station crossroad)
○Slogan: Side by side row by row Fun Fun parade.
○Event section: Jungang Street district (section may vary depending on situation)

During festival period Jungang Street in the middle of the city becomes a unique artistic street, and there will be series of performance on solid asphalt as a stage.
Other than that, there are various things to enjoy such as flea market, game, face painting which citizens may participate.

Among them, the most anticipated event is the colorful parade.
Citizens with unique and characterful clothing directly participate in colorful parade.
Blocking the road in the middle of the city and we enjoy the festival as main characters.

Anyone regardless of nationality, occupation, and age may participate, and one may apply as individual or as group.
Grand prize, excellent award, participation prize will be given per field
Grand prize winning team (participant) will get 20million won cash prize and certificate of award. And 100 million Won is prepared for the other 5 fields.

○ Date and time: October 11, 2014 18~21:00 / contest
October 12, 2014 18~21:00 /Anchor parade of awardees
○ Qualification: Citizens and foreigners who can participate in parade on the date. (In case there is too much applicants it will be limited through document screening)
○ Application period: June 16, 2014 to August 31, 2014
○ Application method: Colorful Daegu Festival homepage /
○ Benefit: small participation award for parade participants
Total cash prize of 100 million won including 20 million won for grand prize
○Parade direct contents
Using various props, uniquely express In parade form what the team wants to express.
○ Contact us: 053-422-0996 /

Every one with overflowing passion!
Be a hero of this year’s colorful festival with your unique idea

Daegu culture and art event

Daegu culture and art event!
Look at various movie and performance discount information which will please eyes and ear with various and unique programs.

<1> Ansim library –Now you see me: magic fraud ring

Now you see me: magic fraud ring
Gratifying and thrilling perfect crime magic show across the globe!

Date and time: August 27, 2014 2pm
Program: Film screeningNow you see me: magic fraud ring
Venue: Ansim library
Entrance fee: First come, first served
Contact: 053 - 980 - 2604

<2> Dague National Museum - Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring
- A movie made from the novel Girl with a Pearl Earringwhich tells about the hopeless love of Vermeer the painter and Grete the maid

Date and time: August 27, 2014 6pm
Program: Film screeningGirl with a Pearl Earring
Venue: Dague National Museum
Entrance fee: First come, first served (333 seats)
Contact: 053 - 768 - 6051

<3> Bongsan cultural center - Clean Sound Harmonica Concert party

Performance of Clean Sound Harmonica Concert party which is continuing its activity ever since harmonica after school education by teacher Bong Nam No under the support of Principal Jung sun Jeo

Date and time: August 27, 2014 6pm
Program: Clean Sound Harmonica Concert party
Venue: Square in front of Bongsan cultural center
Entrance fee: free
Contact: 053 - 661 - 3521

<4> Ayang art center – Visiting Bokgo club

Bokgo club which opens to activate elder musician’s tribute performance and to support elder artists’ sphere of activity!
This time on Stage of Bokgo club, there will be memorable drama performance which will encore popular drama, comedy, memorable song performance, gukak and classic, dancing and others. Elder comedian will appear to show memorable stage!

Date and time: August 27, 2014 8pm
Program: Visiting Bokgo club
Venue: Ayang art center auditorium
For: local residents (first come, first serve 80 seats)
Entrance fee: free

<5> Ansim library – Midnight Humanity Concert 

- Lecture on black hall on summer night sky by Myung Gu Park Gyeongbuk university astronomical science professor

Date and time: August 27, 2014 7:30 pm ~ 9:00 pm
Program: Midnight Humanity Concert
Venue: Ansim libraryaudiovisual room
Entrance fee: free
Application method: Home page, personal visit, telephone call
Contact: / 053-980-2604

Benefit: 18:00~20:00movie ticket price 5000 won
Participating facility: Lotte Cinema Sungseo/ Lotte CinemaYulha/ Lotte Cinema Daegu/ Lotte Cinema Daegu square/ Lotte Cinema Dongsungro/ Megabox Daegu

※ Museum
○ Benefit: Free entrance and discount
Participating facility: Museum of Natural Dye Arts (regular admission fee 50% discount, Elementary and middle school group visit for free) / Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine (Free entrance/ opening at night until 9pm) / Museum SOO (admission fee 50% discount, field study 10% discount) / Daegu National Museum (opening at night until 9pm) / Bangjja Yugi Museum (free admission / opening at night until 6:30 pm)

※ Library
○ Benefit: opening at night
Participating facility: Ansim Library (opening at night until 10pm)/ Gusoosan library (opening at night until 10pm)/ Yonghak library (opening at night until 10pm)/ Jungang library (opening at night until 10pm)/ Beomeo library (General reference room #1 and #2 opening at night until 10pm)

※Other cultural space
○Benefit: For free or discount
1)Participating facility
-Date: August 27
-Program: Free explanation
-Contact number: 053 - 616 - 6407

2) Daegu Folk History Museum
-Date: August 27
-Program: Free admission, opening at night until 8pm
-Contact number: 053 - 616 - 6407

3) Daegu Modern History Museum
-Date: August 27
-Program: Free admission, free explanation, opening at night until 8pm
-Contact number: 053 - 606 - 6430

Thursday, August 21, 2014

4 places great for a bike ride.

Autumn is setting in Daegu.
Romantic street of Autumn!
What do you think about enjoying the road riding a bike?
We will introduce you 4 places great for a bike ride.

First recommendation: Geumho River Bike Road

If you want to ride bike looking at the gentle river and grass stretched out along the street, let’s go to GeumhoRiver!
GeumhoRiver Bike course is on the north of Daegu and it is stretched from east to west.
The bike road here is laid with smooth material, so it is perfect for bike ride.

Around GeumhoRiver bike road are flowers, trees, and artificial waterfalls 
that pleases your eyes~
You also don’t want to miss nightscape of Ayanggyo at night!

○Secheon-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City <->Hwansang-ri, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Second recommendation: Daegu Sincheon bike road

Sincheon lays across the city!
This is a place where people from Daegu can relax and take rest without going far.
It has swimming pool in the summer and ice skating rink in the winter, so children love this place.

There are sporting equipments and walking trail, so there are many people who come here to exercise.
This fall, enjoy your break in Sincheon bike road of Daegu!


Third recommendation: Kangjungbo bike road

Have you been to floodgate center, The Arc that opened with the 4 river business?
Many people are visiting Kangjung-Koryung Weir.
And because around The Arc is a trail and bike road, lot of families come out for a picnic!

If you forgot to bring your bike, you can try the bike rental service~
From single-seater bicycle and double-seater bicycle to electric bike that moves without the using the pedal, you can suit yourself!
You can also check out free bike rental at Line 2 Daesil Station! 

○ Kangjungbo bike rental cost
- regular bike : 4,000 won per hour
- double-seater bike : 7,000 won per hour
- electric bike : 17,000 won per hour
○ Subway line 2 DaesilStation : free bike rental

○ The Arc tour : 10:00~17:00 / free
○Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Fourth recommendation: Daegu Stadium

Daegu Stadium, one of 12 tourist destinations of Daegu.
Do you know that 2002 World Cup, World University Games, and World Championship in Athletics were all held here?

Around the stadium that holds small and big events of Daegu, there is MyungpumSoopgil Park.
In fall, many people spend their spare time riding bike and skate.

Not only that, but within the stadium, there is Daegu Virtual Sport Experience Center.
It is popular among the children because they can experience different sports and educational contents!

○ Daegu Virtual Sports Experience Center hours : weekdays 10:00~18:00
    Weekends 10:00~20:00
    Closed on Sundays
 504 Daeheung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Enjoy old house experience in Daegu downtown! - Byeongam-Seowon

Inviting you to Byeongam-Seowon! ^^


A seowon located at Yongsan-dsong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu.
Sewon is a place where classical scholars of Joseon Dynasty gathered to study.
About 100 anthology woodblocks are stored, and hold memorial service every march 29 in moon calendar. 

You can easily visit Byeongam-Seowon by going to Sungsan high school in Youngsan-dong.
You can see stonewall walkway by going down downhill road right in front of Sungsan high school, and Byeongam-seowon can be found on this road.
Let’s enter this magnificententrance. 

By stepping in the entrance you may see three seowon buildings with vast yard.
Currently, there are lecture hall, Dongjae (east study room) and Seojae (west study room), Sunghyunsa which is a shrine, Ssanghwimoon, Sowonmoon, pavilion, and Joingjunghwegwan (family meeting room) are located inside the precincts.

This is a building located at the right side of the yard called Dongjae.
4 people may stay in Dongjae

This place located at the left most side of the yard (right side in picture) is Seojae.
It is a place where people may comfortably rest just like Seojae 

- Room amenity: blanket, Korean style mattress, pillow, airconditioner, electric ondol
- Room capacity: 4 people (6 people maximum)
- Room size: 16.38㎡(about 5 pyeong)
- Room charge (1 night): 110,000 Won

This is where group tourists may stay.
One night in quite place with good people, it will be a good memory? ^^

- Room amenity: blanket, Korean style mattress, pillow, airconditioner, electric ondol
- Room capacity: 10 people (15 people maximum)
- Room size: Byeongam room #1 31.80㎡( 9.7 pyeong)/ Byeongam room #2 24.38㎡( 7.3 pyeong)
- Room charge (1 night): 220,000 Won

This space you can see right away when you reach 2nd floor is Seodang where one may stay.
Seodang where 4 people may stay also has appearance of old seowon as it is.

- Room amenity: blanket, Korean style mattress, pillow, airconditioner, electric ondol
- Room capacity: 4 people (6 people maximum)
- Room size: 12.22㎡(about 3 pyeong)
- Room charge (1 night): 110,000 Won

Now we have seen all the accommodation facilities.
But you may also participate in traditional experience, may enjoy walk, and feel comfortableness other than lodging in.
Rest place inside downtown, why not try to overnight in Byeongam-seowon?

- Old house amenity: shower room (6 shower, 3 closet), outdoor toilet, conference room (amp, beam project, platform, chairperson platform)

- Free experience: Neolttwigi (Korean Seesaw), Yut Nori (Korean traditional board game), Tuho Nori (throwing an arrow into a cylindrical container), Gorideonjigi (Ring Toss), Jegichagi (Korean hackey sack)
- Address: Daegu Dalseo-gu Saebang-ro 21
- Inquiry:  053)428-9900

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let’s learn about Catholic culture located in Daegu!

Pope Francis visited South Korea~
With the news of the pope visiting Korea, we prepared special trip.

Gyesan Catholic Church

Gyesan Catholic Church is also famous for Daegu Geundae Alley course.
It is the first parish church of Gyeongsang Province, and currently Archdiocese of Daegu Cathedra church.
The church dissipated due to big fire in 1901, and current gothic brick church was built in 1903.

Inside of Gyesan church still has the dignity of 100 years of history.
At this place, Pope John Paul II met with Sunday school children when he first visited Korea in 1984.


We heard more about this church from Jung-wook Seo, who has been going to Gyesan Catholic Church for 70 years.


1.Inside Gyesan Catholic Church under the altar, part of Jesus’ cross is enshrined with the ashes of the first priest of Korea, Dae-gun Kim.
It is not opened to the public and it is a very significant space for Gyesan Catholic Church.

2.The statue of Virgin Mary is in the center of the church.
This is because the first bishop promised to make Virgin Mary their number one. This is of course same for Seongmodang (Holy Mother's Shrine). 

3.Pipe organ made with pipes of 15m in length. You can see two bells if you climb up the ladder on each sides.
Bells of Gyesan Catholic Church has been used since 1918, and it is the only bell in the country that can be rung. 
The bell on the right is Agustino bell, and the one on the left is Germana bell, and they are named after the baptismal name of the people who devoted to making the bells. 
By the way, Augustino Bell was made from the offerings from Mr. Sang-don Seo. (Bell rings every 6AM, noon, and 6PM)

○ address: 2nd Street, Gyesan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City 

Gwandeokjeong Pavilion

Celebrating the 200th year of the foundation of Korea Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese held the blessing of the Oratorium of Gwandeokjeong and the enshrinement ceremony for the relocation of the remains of Saint Lee, Yoon-il on January 20, 1991 with the goal of commemorative project and the development of the scared place. The Memorial Hall of Martyrdom, opened on May 31 of the same year, keeps the remains of Saint John Lee, Yoon-il (second weekly bulletin of Daegu Archdiocese)who suffered martyrdom here, and displays the relics of ancestors of faith. 

It is three stories building with Gwandeokjeong church, remains exhibition room, martyrdom and exhibition room.

Church at first basement floor is one of the most important places in Gwandeokjeong. It is the place where believers meditate, pray and participate in mass.
Yun Il Lee John’s remain is laid inside the church.

This is remains exhibition room.
Many remainsare laid at below and beside the altar stone.

Exhibition room is composed of historical record exhibition room, doll exhibition room and parish exhibition room.
Each exhibition room shows St. Yun Il Lee’s life story, and scenes of church persecution and martyrdom of Gyeongsang provinces together with history of Daegu archdiocese. 

Gwandeokjeong the place where there is whole history of Korean Catholicism.
I guess it will nice to visit once.  

○ Address: #11 Gwandeokjeong Street, Jung-gu Daegu Metropolitan City

Seongmodang(Virgin Mary's Cave)

As Daegu archdiocese is made in April 8, 1911, bishop Demange was appointed as first Apostolic Vicar. Bishop Demange promised to offer cave similar to Lourdes cave when expanding miter, theological school, and cathedral in July 2, 1911.
After that, miter, theological school, and convent were built together, and the Seongmodang was offered in 1918.  

Before building the Seongmodang
Bishop Lourdes promised to build Seongmodang equal to Lourdes cave at the most beautiful place in parish if construction of theological school and church moves forward as planned. Then, he prayed to Virgin Mary once again to heal colleague missionary’s disease, and as the missionary was recovered as prayed, he prepared to build the Seongmodang before construction of church is completed.  Finally, Seongmodang was built in August, 1918.

Architecture of the Seongmodang
Architecture called Chinese technicians to build arch shaped red brick building.
1911 in '1911 EX VOTO IMMACULATAE CONCEPTIONI 1918' carved at upper front means the year Daegu archdiocese is made and 1918 means the year when 3 wishes that Bishop Demange prayer are fulfilled. 

Seongmodang where masses are held and used as prayer place for believers
You may also see tombs of clerics who martyred in Korea behind the Seondmodang.

○ Namsan 3-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan city