Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unique summer vacation in Spa Valley, Daegu - written by Akinori Tsuji, Daegu tour supporters

Unique summer vacation in Daegu!

Daegu is the hottest place in Korea. Actually Daegu is so hot .So some people call Daegu TEPURICA(Daegu+Africa.) But it is not problem. Because there are many places to avoid hot in Daegu. I would like to introduce really good place in Daegu at this time.

This place is Spa Valley! It takes only 30 minutes by taxi from east daegu station. If you can’t swim, it doesn’t matter. Because you must wear a safe suit in this place. So everyone enjoy playing at this place. There are vary in size from small to large water slide and pool. Everything is so fun. Especially I recommended one, it is water slide which you ride to use a swimming ring. It is really nice and fun. If you want to feel thrilling, you should play sharp slide. It is really scaring. In my case, the sharp slide was scared but fun. So I played it again and again.   

If you are a little tired, you should go to a big pool. This place is very peaceful atmosphere. You can take a rest and play something and stand under a waterfall there  

Everyone from adults to children can enjoy playing in Spa Valley! You must go and see^^

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